Master's program in English "Technology Innovation Management"

Irina A. Brusakova

Head of the Program.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Innovation Management Full Member of the Metrological Academy of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Higher Education Sciences, Honorary Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Enroll at a program that is rooted in both science and business. Become a sought-after professional able to effectively manage a company and transform research developments into promising innovative product.

The program is intended for graduates of engineering and management departments who would like to work on their innovation, technology and engineering skills. Master’s students learn the basics of project management, marketing and innovative activity.

Students also learn how to manage innovations in a business and implement new technologies in resource management of a knowledge-intensive manufacturing company.

The program provides students with international-level education which is crucial in the era of digital economy. After graduation students can be hired by leading world technology companies.

General characteristics of the educational program

  • 2 years on the basis of a bachelor's degree. Full-time training.
  • 3384 academic hours (practice + lectures + defense of the final qualifying work).
  • The graduate is awarded a Master's degree in Engineering and Technology.
  • The academic year consists of two semesters. The fall semester starts on September 1, and the spring semester starts on February 10.
  • Summer holidays – July and August.

The University provides undergraduates with assistance in adaptation, accompaniment of student and academic curators, and also provides a place in a student hostel near the University.

Specialized Courses

  • Methods of Scientific Research
  • Basics of Cyber-Physical Systems Management
  • Technology Transfer
  • Management of Technological Innovations
  • Advanced Strategic Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Management Open Innovation
  • Finance and Economy in Marketing
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Network Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Innovation Marketing
  • Innovation Project Evaluation
  • Technological Audit
  • Multi-Agent Systems

Comprehensive Courses

  • Digital Communications
  • Business English
  • International Business Environment in English
  • International Business Practices in English

Interdisciplinary Project

  • Innovation Strategy of an Enterprise

You can learn more about the teachers of the program here.

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