125th anniversary

In 2011 University celebrated its 125th anniversary. There was a great celebration which started in March and continued till the end of June.

On 7th of March the choir of LETI was singing on the stage of world renowned St. Petersburg State Academic Capella.

On 14th of June a memorial to Nikolay Pisarevskyj, the first director of ETU, was erected on University campus. At the same day there was a ceremony of cancellation of the commemorative stamp and envelope released by the Russian Post for the anniversary.

On 24th of June an exhibition dedicated to scientific and technical achievements of scientists from LETI was opened. Later in the day the biggest event of the whole celebration took place in the concert hall "Oktyabrskyj". Teaching staff, many student and graduates of our University visited the event, as well as the administration of St.Petersburg. The concert started with a foot tapping dancing performance stepped by students of LETI. Famous Russian bands appeared on stage along with students, who were playing the guitar and singing students songs together with the guests.

Two-volume publication about SPb ETU "LETI" was released for the occasion. One book "The first Electrotechnical" is about history and development of ETU, its scientific schools, Departments, Faculties, notable scientists and teaching staff who received Badge of honor from University. Another one is called "Magical Electrotechnical". There one can find some stories about people who worked in our University, information about traditions and cultural life of ETU.

Many warm words and congratulations were addressed to Alma Mater in accordance with its anniversary celebration.