Young researchers from ETU presented their developments at the Geek Picnic 2018

Young researchers from ETU presented their developments at the Geek Picnic 2018

Geek Picnic is an annual festival of science and technology, as well as contemporary culture. The event was held at Yelagin Island on August 18-19th.

23.08.2018 298

Last weekend the ETU team stationed inside the Terra Inventores tent of the Geek Picnic. Owing to that, every visitor was able to get a sense of modern science and technology.

St. Petersburg residents and tourists were able to appreciate developments made by students and young researchers from the Youth Research Institute; Faculty of Computer Science and Technology; Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering, and Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems of ETU.  

The ETU team got something for everyone – from Star Wars light sabers to a robot that can play you in a game of checkers. Visitors could not only see the developments but understand how each device works. The cocktail machine attracted a lot of attention. The device is intended for mixing food. Its hose pumps can measure off liquid within the accuracy of one hundredth of milliliter. More serious colleagues of such machines are used at medical and pharmaceutical labs.

Brainthrough was one more exhibit that caught a lot of attention. It is a computer game developed by the Biotechnical Systems Department specially for the Geek Picnic fest. The neurointerface allows player to manipulate characters with their mind.

“Players are given five minutes to gain the most points by making it through a labyrinth. Inside the labyrinth the player will be met with intricate challenges that he can overcome only with a power of his mind. The neurointerface records an encephalogram of the player’s brain that the computer analyses for arousal and relaxation patterns.”

Konstantin Kulyabin, graduate of the Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems

Lighting effects and LED system devices assumed a big part of the exhibition. For example, the so called “autonomous time glove”, a portable powerful LED device, can create an illusion that fast objects are moving slower, faster or in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, the device cannot transform time but who knows what step the developers are going to make next. The ETU booth presented an LED strip and a light cube. The light music strip changes its color according what kind of sounds it hears. The light cube is intended for playing such classic games as the Snake and Tennis in 3D.

A robot-painter was designed by young researchers of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology and it is able to paint an exquisite portrait of Alexander Popov, inventor of radio and the first elected director of ETU. It takes for the robot about seven hours to complete the masterpiece. Then again, you cannot rush perfection.

“It is pretty hard to make a robot-painter. It is not an easy task to make a machine put paints on a canvas in an artistic way. We took similar projects from American and Thai developers as a reference and corrected their flaws. Our robot can rely on an algorithm when painting or create his own images that can become exhibits of art galleries among art pieces created by humans.”

Ekaterina Kopetc, engineer of the Youth Research Institute

A robot called LETIgra brought a lot of joy to young science lovers. It is a modified 4-wheeler tamed by a team of young researchers from the Faculty of Electronics. The vehicle is adapted to various landforms and is able to adjust to changing conditions.  

Actors of the ETU Art Center cheered everybody up by taking pictures and performing pantomimes. Geek Picnic was visited by 30 000 people.