From 19 to 21 May 2015 XVIII International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements (SCM'2015) will be held at "LETI" and St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University.


From 19 to 21 May 2015 XVIII International Conference on Soft Computing and Measurements (SCM'2015) will be held in St. Petersburg at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI" and St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University.

Conference organizers:

International Fuzzy Systems Association

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Scientific Council on Artificial Intelligence Sciences

IEEE Russia North-West

Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI"

St. Petersburg State Forest Technical

Scientific and Production Corporation "NPK Intelligent Systems"


JSC "Transfer"

International Program Committee

Honorary Chairman:  Prof. L.A. Zadeh, USA

Chairman: Prof. D.A. Pospelov, Russia

Co-chairman: Prof of RAS .N.P.Laverov, Russia; Prof. I.I. Mazyr, Russia

Vice Chairman: Dr. A.N. Averkin, Russia, Prof. S.V. Prokopchina, Russia

Prof. I. M. Alarcon, Spain

Prof. V.V .Alexeev, Russia

Prof. F. Aliev, Germany

Prof. R. A. Aliev, Azerbaijan

Prof. O. Aumala, Finland

Prof. L. Bernstein, Russia

Prof. A. Borisov, Latvia

Prof. C.Carlsson, Finland

Prof. T. Da-te, Japan

Prof. D.Dubois, France

Prof. A.O. Esogbue, USA

Prof. L.Finkelstein, UK

Prof. D. Grune, Germany

Prof. D.Hoffman, Germany

Prof. G.J. Klir, USA

Prof. V.G.Knorring, Russia

Prof. M.S. Kuprianov, Russia

Prof. L.V. Utkin, Russia

Prof. A. Kerimov, Azerbaijan

Prof. T.Y. Lin, USA

Prof. I.V .Gerasimov, Russia

Prof. J. Nazarko, Poland

Prof. V. Novak, Czech Republic

Dr. K.M. Ordones, Spain

Prof. J.Parmee, UK

Prof. Yu.P.Pytjev, Russia

Prof. V.M.Kureichick, Russia

Prof. B.V.Paluh, Russia

Prof. L.Reznik, Australia

Dr. M.Y.Shestopalov, Russia

Prof. V. Voltchok, Belarus

Prof. P.Z. Wang, China

Prof. P.P. Wang, USA

Prof. R. Yanger, USA

Prof. H.J. Zimmerman, Germany

Organization Committee:

Chairman: Prof. V.M. Kutuzov, Russia

Vice Chairman: Dr. M.Y.Shestopalov, Russia

Members of Organization Committee:

Dr. B.l. Bernstein, Russia

Prof. V.L.Gorohov, Russia

Prof. V.N. Nesterov, Russia

Dr. A.Chaniotty, Greece

Ms. O.N.Zhuravleva, Russia

Dr. Y.A.Zhuk, Russia

Topics of the Conference:

Uncertainty in Measurement and Computing. Measures and Scales.

Complex Systems Modelling.

Probabilistic Methods in Information Processing. Bayesian Approach.

Fuzzy sets, approximate approaches and applications.

Perspective information technologies and programming environment for complex objects and distribution systems in conditions of uncertainty. Active Internet technologies.

Neuro networks, Genetic Algorithms and their Applications.

New approaches in Measurement: Intelligent, Fuzzy and Soft Measurement.

Intelligent Measurement Systems and Devices.

Control of Complex Objects in conditions of uncertainty.

Design Methods and Means for Expert and Decision Support Systems.

Applications of Decision Support Systems in Economics and Social Sphere.

Ecological Information Systems.

Soft Computing application for business processes optimization.

Application of Bayesian  Intellectual Technologies for Quality Control.

Uncernainty & Risks. Risks Management.



Session 1.

The uncertainty in the measurements and calculations. Probabilistic methods in the processing of information. The Bayesian approach

Session 2.

Systems simulation. Complex objects control in the condition of uncertainty

Session 3.

Neurocomputing networks, genetic algorithms and their applications

Session 4.

Methods and tools for the design of expert systems and decision support systems

Session 5.

Intelligent measurements systems. 
New approaches in measurements: intellectual, soft and fuzzy measurements

Session 6.

Environmental information systems

Session 7.

Application of decision support systems in the economy and the social sphere

Russian and English
will be official languages of the conference.

The procedure for registration of participation in the conference:

Applications for participation in the conference are accepted till April 15, 2015 (by E-mail).

Report theses are accepted till  April 15, 2015 (by E-mail).

Copies of reports and document on the right to publish in the press are accepted till April 16, 2015

Reports are accepted for publication when paying the registration fee.

The registration fee should be transferred till April 15, 2015.

For the participants including the publication of report of 4 pages and providing of conference proceedings it amounts to 3000 rubles.

It should be payed upon arrival at the registration desk in Russian rubles.

ATTENTION: Scientific articles made by members of the IEEE will be transferred for inclusion in the collection of electronic library IEEE Xplore and will be reflected in SCOPUS.

Adress of Organization Committee

197376, Saint-Petersburg, ul. Prof. Popova, 5, ETU “LETI”, Informational Center for Advertising and Exhibition Activities.
Phone: (812) 346-46-37

E-mail: IRVC.eltech@mail.ru