"Women in STEM" Mentoring Session

Female LETI students are invited to participate in a mentoring session of the Association of Women in the Nuclear Industry, where there will be a dialogue with international experts from high-tech industries, and grants and scholarships from the organization will be presented.

10.11.2022 87

The goal of the event is to make STEM professions more popular among women and create an open platform for a dialogue between female scientists and tech leaders, and female students of engineering and science programs in Russia and abroad.

Mentoring session will take place in the format of an open dialogue between international experts in high-tech industries, representatives of the academic community, young scholars, and students of technical professions from universities in Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, and other countries. The event will also feature grants and scholarships from the organization and information on how to apply for them.

This event is organized by the Association of Women in Nuclear Russia, which would like to globally promote active discussions of the role of female experts in academic and technological breakthroughs, mentor youth in STEM fields, and motivate female students to pursue a career in science and nuclear energy.

To participate in the event, please pre-register using the link.