Winter schools at ETU "LETI" for professional development, acquaintance with the university and Russian culture

Winter schools at ETU

Six winter schools will take place at the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" with more than 70 students from different countries attending.

20.01.2020 1545

Classes of six winter schools in engineering and humanitarian areas will start on January 20. Within two weeks, participants in winter schools will be able to improve and gain new knowledge necessary to build a successful career, get acquainted with ETU "LETI" and its programs, as well as with Russian culture and history.

This year, students from Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, China, Congo, Liberia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Norway, Romania, the USA, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, Croatia, and Japan will take part in the winter schools.

During fascinating lectures and laboratory experiments, participants of the winter school on Biomedical Engineering will learn the basics of computer analysis of biomedical signals, the use of Arduino and MatLab in the development of telemedicine systems, and the application of modern technologies in human movement analysis systems.

The winter school on Renewable Energy will allow students to form new and improve existing competencies in the field of renewable energy and photovoltaics. The emphasis in the program is placed on the physical principles of operation of solar cells based on silicon, methods of their testing and production technology. The training will allow participants to understand the principles of technology and metrology of solar modules, learn about the design and operation of solar power plants, and gain practical skills on modern technological and metrological equipment.

“At ETU “LETI,” seasonal schools are an important tool for attracting international students to university's master's programs in English and Russian. Besides, short-term programs are a kind of pilot projects that allow us to assess the prospects of creating new master's or postgraduate programs, so we are actively developing this format.

Last year we held winter schools for the first time, and they were in great demand among international students. During the two-week courses, participants will gain first-hand knowledge about the advantages of the university - the equipment of laboratories, quality of teaching, educational process, sights of St. Petersburg, and Russian culture. Winter schools will help participants understand how interesting it is for them to continue their studies at the university in their field and whether they will be able to adapt to living conditions in Russia in the future.”

Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

The Laser and Optical Measurements program will allow participants to improve their knowledge of laser applications in metrology and measurement technology. Students will learn the physical principles and basic characteristics of quantum electronics devices, basic information about the design of optical systems, the physical foundations of the arrangement and the functioning of interferometric linear and angular measurement systems. Participants will also get acquainted with the main areas of application of such systems and gain practical skills in working with gas lasers and laser gyroscopes.

Participants of the winter school on Intercultural Communication in Business will learn the basics of intercultural communication, gain the knowledge and skills necessary for working in a modern global community. The thematic modules of the program cover topics such as cultural peculiarities in business based on the “Cultural Web,” intercultural communication in effective management strategy, modern theories for business communications, and cultural awareness as a competitive advantage.

The winter school program on Industrial Software Engineering for Robotics and the Internet of Things includes the basics of microcontrollers and Linux programming, allows to learn how to work with the Linux operating system, and also get the skills necessary for programming and developing algorithms for mobile robot navigation, localization, and map building based on the Robot Operating System (ROS).

The winter school “Gems of Russian Culture in the Russian Language” will be interesting for those who want to learn the main milestones of history and gems of Russian culture, immerse themselves in the practice of the Russian language, and get a lot of impressions from their stay in St. Petersburg.

Participants in winter schools will be able to combine the acquisition of professional skills with a cultural program. Guests will enjoy a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg, a visit to the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, as well as walks through the suburbs and other excursions.

ETU “LETI” winter schools will end on January 31 with a certificate awarding ceremony. 

The organizers of the ETU “LETI” seasonal schools are the International Student Office and the Preparatory Department for International Students. The programs include the participation of the departments of Bioengineering Systems, Photonics, Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems, Software Engineering and Computer Applications, Foreign Languages, and Russian Language.