Welcome, freshmen: ETU "LETI" summed up the admission campaign 2019

Welcome, freshmen: ETU

On August 20, the admission campaign for bachelor's and master's degree ended. More than 4000 future researchers and engineers, specialists in the field of PR and management will become ETU "LETI" freshmen.

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In total, ETU "LETI" has 1636 state-funded full-time student places in 2019. The university showed a positive trend in the average score of the Unified State Exam (USE) of enrollees - in 2019, it was 83.11 (for comparison, in 2018 - 80.4).

This year, the winners and prize-winners of the Olympiads for schoolchildren from the list of the Ministry of Education, who chose ETU "LETI," showed particular interest in the areas of Applied Mathematics and Informatics and Linguistics. Those who are admitted and trained by the university for specific organizations most often chose the directions Communication Technologies and Systems and Information Systems and Technologies.

Compared to 2018, 1000 people more expressed their desire to study at ETU "LETI." Among the technical faculties, the leading faculty is the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology with the most popular areas Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Software Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Systems and Technologies, and Computer Security. The competition for these specialties was 15 people per place.

“Important criteria for applicants when choosing a specialty are the employment of graduates, university’s strategic partners in the field of training, and the demand for specific specialists by the country's economy.”

Olga Kucherova, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee, Head of the Enrollee Center

Students with the highest USE scores most often chose Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Software Engineering, and the directions of the Faculty of Humanities. The average USE score in these areas was more than 88.5.

As in previous years, nonresident applicants actively choose St. Petersburg and ETU "LETI" to receive higher education - their share in the number of students enrolled in the first year is over 70%. The geography of the freshmen is vast and extends from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Kaliningrad, from the Krasnodar to Murmansk.

Now ETU "LETI" is preparing to accept freshmen; there are meetings at faculties, where they can ask all questions of interest, and do the paperwork. The festive event for first-year students will take place on September 2.