Truly International Women's Day

Truly International Women's Day

ETU "LETI" students from Vietnam held an event for all international students of the university to celebrate International Women's Day.

18.03.2022 435

On March 9, a celebration of International Women's Day took place in the banquet hall of Building 5 of LETI, organized by the participants of the Vietnamese student group "Way of Life." Students of First Electrotechnical and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University prepared a festive program, which had more than 35 participants from Vietnam, Russia, India, Syria, and Algeria.

"When organizing a holiday, I always like to look for all its traditions to understand its value and meaning. I think now I will be able to organize not only holidays but also any other events. I am satisfied with the result, but we will try even harder from now on."

Nguyen Chong Nhan, a postgraduate student at the Department of Radio Electronic Facilities at LETI, coordinator of the "Way of Life" group

The students sang songs and played guitar and flute. Participants talked about how International Women's Day is commemorated in Vietnam and compared it to celebrations in Russia. Students from different countries played word games, сharades, and musical chairs. At the end of the event, students congratulated the female participants and presented gifts and flowers.

"Such initiatives by our students are very important. The "Way of Life" group meetings are, in fact, workshops of in-depth Russian language learning through play and a way for international students to better adapt to the life of Russia and St. Petersburg."

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Students Office at LETI

"Nguyen Chong Nhan, the creator of the group and one of our best postgraduate students, has been able to rally students around the Russian language. We will try to build on his initiative and expand the number of participants. Joint celebrations are a way to expand the audience through informal communication, which fascinates many", - said Renat Yalyshev.

The "Way of Life" group was organized by students from Vietnam to learn the Russian language. The students hold thematic meetings and games aimed at developing communication skills. "The Way of Life group teaches me a lot of things. For example, I have improved my skills in maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the team. And it is this group that helps me quickly adjust to new social and academic life both at LETI and in Russia," shared Nguyen Chong Nhan. In March, employees of the International Students Office of LETI conducted an online excursion to the Hermitage for the participants of the group.