To tell simply about difficult things...

To tell simply about difficult things...

Graduate student of Department of Radio Microelectronics and Radio Equipment Technology Chu Chong Shy perfectly coped with this task. He became one of the winners of competition "Simply about difficult things".

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Graduate student of Department of Radio Microelectronics and Radio Equipment Technology Chu Chong Shy perfectly coped with this task. He became one of the winners of competition of young scientists and teachers "Simply about difficult things" which was carried out within X All-Russian Olympic Games "Nanotechnologies — Break to the Future". The report of our graduate student from Vietnam on the subject "Computer Modelling of Processes of Formation of Thin Films — the First and Key Step to the Modern Electronic Device" on advantage was estimated by pupils listening to the internal performances of finalists of competition which took place on February 6-7, 2016 at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Having returned from Moscow, the winner of the Olympics answered some questions of employee of Department of Public Relations Stepan Larionov.

- How long has you pursued science?

- Interest in science appeared after the ninth class of school in Vietnam. Thanks to teachers, I got desire to devote itself to researches. Search of truth is a process in which it is possible to be engaged all life.

- How long have you conducted researches on your work presented at the Olympics?

- On the second year of study my research supervisor, D.Eng.Sc. Vladimir I. Margolin taught the subject "Physical Bases of Micro and Nanoelectronics". I learned a lot of useful information from it, connected with manufacturing techniques of electronic devices and computer modeling of micro and nanoprocesses. I became interested in this subject and started to investigate it actively. Computer modeling allows to make more experiments at the minimum costs of equipment. Having received many interesting results, I decided to submit the application for competition. I am very glad that it was interesting not for me, but for pupils!

- How difficult it was to make pupils interested?

- I always helped both Russian and Vietnamese students. Thanks to it, I learned to understand what is lack in the course of training and what is important for them at the concrete moment. It was necessary to build logic of the report so that school students understood everything. In scientific work any small detail can become a subject of new direction. If to give information in detail, it will be difficult for pupils to understand.

- What plans in science and in life do you have for future?

- Friends often ask me this question. I think that it is necessary to do things you are interested in and that are useful for society. I plan to continue the researches on computer modeling, to develop this subject at higher level that it was possible to solve real problems.

Competition of research works for students, graduate students, young scientists and teachers "Simply about difficult" is a part of All-Russian Olympics "Nanotechnologies — Break in the Future" which has been carried out since 2006 for the purpose of development of interdisciplinary natural-science approaches in education, science and equipment. The chairman of the Organizing committee of the Olympic Games shows

Chairman of Organizing committee of Olympics is the rector of Moscow University academician V.A. Sadovnichiy. Educational and methodical supporting of Olympics is carried out by the MSU Scientific and educational Center for nanotechnologies, Faculty of sciences about materials, chemical, physical and biological faculties of MSU, and also representatives of a number of leading higher education institutions and organizations of Russian Academies of Sciences invited in structure of methodical commission and jury of the Olympics. Supervisory board of the Olympics include the leading Russian representatives of science and business which are engaged in development of nanotechnologies. The Olympics are held in close cooperation with School League of RUSNANO.