To save the planet for future generations

To save the planet for future generations

On November 17 – 18, 2017 International Students’ and Youth Conference “Ecoenvironment & Green Future” took place at ETU “LETI”.

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50 students from higher education institutions of St. Petersburg and also participants from Tajikistan, Macedonia and Indonesia gathered to exchange opinions on current problems of environmental protection and search of solutions of global environmental problems within the walls of ETU.

In his welcome speech, President of Youth leadership development association, graduate of ETU Farrukh Sattorov emphasized that the main goal of the conference is to draw attention of youth to the question of careful attitude to the nature and also noted that thanks to this event students had an excellent opportunity to practise English communication skills.

Vice-Rector for additional education of ETU, head of Department of Engineering Environmental Protection Taras V. Kustov told about the main directions of scientific research of his department. Among them are development of biotest means and control methods of objects of the environment; creation of express optical spectral methods of ecological monitoring of the environment. Under the leadership of the staff of department and leading experts of the partner enterprises students participate in research works on development of methods and means of environmental monitoring and environment research, measurements of ecological characteristics, calculations of sanitary protection zones of the plants of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The CEO of International Center of professional development, Deputy Director of Executive Committee of G20-Y summit Zhanna Babakhanova told about the main sources of pollution of the planet, greenhouse effect and noted the importance of use of alternative power engineering.

Then reports in English devoted to relevant researches of problems in the field of ecology and environmental protection were made by representatives of ETU "LETI", St. Petersburg state forest engineering university of S.M. Kirov, ITMO University, university of Saint Kirill and Mefodiy in Skopje (Macedonia). Conferees and speakers unanimously supported protection of the planet, rational use of resources and introduction of green technologies.

Also in the first day of the conference there was a practice devoted to studying of the principles of carrying out tool measurements of atmospheric air pollution with the use of equipment of the mobile laboratory of monitoring.

In the second day reports of students and undergraduates of Faculty Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems of ETU, devoted to handling with medical waste and to thermal destruction of waste were delivered.

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"Youth leadership development association" is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2017 by the graduate of ETU "LETI" Farrukh Sattorov. Its mission is to help youth in development of personal qualities and professional skills by work in the international environment.