To Brazil - for knowledge and sunshine

To Brazil - for knowledge and sunshine

Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) signed a cooperation agreement.

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On 16th January, 2018 a meeting was held between representatives of ETU “LETI”: Rector – Vladimir M. Kutuzov,  Vice-Rector for International Affairs – Viktor A. Tupik, Head of the Academic Mobility Office  - Maria A. Kiseleva, Head of the International Project Office – Dmitry V. Kholodnyak, Dean of School of Computer Technologies and Informatics – Mikhail S. Kupriyanov, professor at the Information Systems Department – Pavel I. Paderno, invited professor at ETU “LETI”– Aleksandr Volosiuk and Vice-President of the International Ergonomics Association - Jose Orlando Gomes, representative of UFRJ.

Under this agreement the universities are planning to establish cooperation with each other. The primary sources of such cooperation are joint educational, technological and research initiatives in ergonomics.  Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that covers interaction between humans and technology.

The universities are planning to implement exchange programs, conduct joint research, organize conferences, lectures and seminars, publish joint research papers and develop new areas of research.

"Cooperation with BRICS countries is one of the top priorities of Russian international policy. Brazil has recognized potential of Russian higher education institutions. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro is featured in QS University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The fact that ETU ”LETI” signed an agreement with UFRJ makes it possible for ETU “LETI” to boost quality of its education and research.  In the future it could be possible to establish partnerships with participants of the BRICS Network University. It also could be possible to conduct joint training and education, implement network programs in cooperation with leading BRICS universities, especially Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Tsinghua University".

Vice-Rector for International Affairs Viktor A. Tupik

Brazilian partners highly praised unique educational and research potential of ETU “LETI”. Since 1980s ETU “LETI” has been one of the best places to learn ergonomics in Russia. The First Electrotechnical University has established a unique scientific school on design and optimization of man-machine systems and human-oriented technology. The university has been an active member of the International Ergonomics Association. In 1982 ETU “LETI” was the first university in the USSR to start a specialist training program titled “Ergonomics in automation”. For the last three decades the scientific school titled “Evaluation and optimization of man-machine systems and technologies” has developed at ETU “LETI”. Pr. Pavel I. Paderno, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, Honored Scientist, Doctor of Engineering is the head of the school. The research areas explored at the university are connected with ergonomic support for the creation of various modern software and information systems. ETU “LETI” conducts specialist training of highly qualified professionals in ergonomics. “System analysis and control” and “Ergonomics” are the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs respectively that conduct such training.  

After the agreement was signed Jose Orlando Gomes delivered a lecture for students. He talked about the International Ergonomics Association and the BRICS plus Network, about opportunities for students and professors of ETU “LETI” and his own research in ergonomics and human factors.  

"You are revolutionaries; you are pushing the world to change. Come to Rio de Janeiro! You will be studying, conducting research and having fun at our famous beaches!"

Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Jose Orlando Gomes

The person who first proposed the idea of establishing a partnership between ETU “LETI” and UFRJ was Aleksandr A. Volosiuk.  In 2008 he graduated from ETU’s School of information measurement and biotechnical systems. His major was ergonomics. Since then he has become a member of bureau at BRICS plus Network. In September, 2017 he visited Brazil and discussed possible future cooperation with the representatives of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. As a result UFRJ proposed that ETU “LETI” and UFRJ should sign a cooperation agreement and that Alexander Volosyuk should become an invited professor at Escola Politécnica UFRJ.

ETU “LETI” will be developing research and academic cooperation with Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and other BRICS universities. This collaboration is a part of the new international association - BRICSplus Network that was created with the purpose of implementing joint programs on Ergonomics at BRICS universities.  Pavel I. Paderno, professor at ETU “LETI” was nominated to be the head of the work team. When the world leaders in Ergonomics join efforts, they are provided with the opportunity to use each other’s experience to boost quality of their specialist training and marketability of their graduates. One of the events that will help to achieve these goals is the third international conference titled “ERGO-2018: Human factors in complex technical systems and environments”. The event will be held at ETU “LETI” in July, 2018.