The sun always rises in the east

The sun always rises in the east

Cooperation between "LETI" and South Korea has begun in 1991 and still continues. Visit of the student of "LETI" to Winter school Koreatech and signing of the contract with KERI research institute was the latest events.

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In 1991 "LETI" started its movement to the East having concluded the agreement on partnership with South Korean University of science and equipment Pokhang (POSTECH).

Quarter of a century later, in March, 2015, the memorandum of cooperation with University of Sedzhon was signed within which implementation of the program of students exchange is planned.

In December, 2015 memorandum of understanding has been concluded with University of equipment and education Koreatech. The first students have already visited Koreatech One of them was the second-year student of Faculty of Computer Science and Technology Regina Galeyeva. Regina spent several weeks in Cheonan, the Republic of Korea, at Winter school of Koreatech university as a part of group of six Russian students.

Interaction of "LETI" with South Korean higher education institutions isn't limited to education, but also represents joint scientific activity.

In December, 2015 agreement on scientific cooperation between "LETI" and Korean Electrotechnological research institute "KERI" was signed. It is the large scientific institute conducting the works in the field of modern instrument making, in particular, in development of innovative medical devices and systems. Innovative nature of works emphasizes even its location in the special district of Seoul allocated by the government of South Korea for the leading knowledge-intensive companies. The area is called Digital Media City and is looks like small city of the future.

Cooperation between “LETi” and "KERI" assumes joint scientific projects, and also training of undergraduates, graduate students and scientists.

From the side of "LETI" interaction is carried out by professor of Department of Television and Video Engineering Natalia A. Obukhova. Now the Department is signing the contract for carrying out joint research work on digital processing of endoscopic images. Work will be devoted to creation of new methods of visualization of medical images, formation of 3D - reconstruction, creation of panoramic images of internals, and also the solution of problems of automatic differential diagnostics.