The season of Russian language summer schools is over at ETU

The season of Russian language summer schools is over at ETU

More than 100 students from 22 countries graduated from summer schools held at ETU in August and received academic certificates.

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111 students from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Cuba, Morocco, Algeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Taiwan and Sri Lanka participated in the big event held at ETU on August 24th. Students from China (Xuzhou Institute of Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology) arrived at ETU as well.


Wei Yuran and Zhang Xin, the Double Degree program enrollees from Xuzhou Institute of Technology, recited a poem in Russian.  

“You gained better knowledge of Russian language and got acquainted with Russia, St. Petersburg and ETU. I hope that when you return home, you will cherish warm memories of the ETU teaching staff.  I hope that we are good friends now and we will be glad to see you here again.”

Yuriy V. Filatov, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Social Issues.

International students of ETU prepared special performances for graduates of summer schools. Promise Emeh, third year student from the School of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems, sang Never enough. Bejarano Malukah Marco Polo, second year Masters student from the School of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation, performed a hit song by The Beatles called Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da. Guests from Xuzhou Institute of Technology sang Welcome to Beijing. And finally Kong Liniuya surprised everyone by performing the song Birches by Lyube.

“When I was a child, my parents told me a lot about Russia. Russian and Polish languages are similar, so I never had any problems learning Russian. I sometimes struggle when I have to pronounce long words but I will be working on it. The hardest thing during this summer school was to register at the dormitory because my Russian was bad. I was very impressed by St. Petersburg. The glory of Russia is expressed through buildings of this city.”

Claudia Anna Okhotcka (Poland), participant of a Russian language summer school

“I love Russia, its culture and history. It is my third time in St. Petersburg. For me, St. Petersburg is the most beautiful city in the world! I noticed that besides architecture you can really admire big Russian heart of the city. We are really lucky that we had Elena A. Smirnova as a Russian teacher. She did not only explain grammar, but told us a lot about Russian culture.”

Maia Kaytez (Serbia), participant of a Russian language summer school

Russian language summer schools were organized by the International Students Office, Preparatory Department for International Students and the Department of Russian Language. The curriculum of such summer schools enables international students to start learning Russian, upgrade their knowledge, as well as to prepare for entering Russian universities.