The programmer became the world champion in powerlifting among students

The programmer became the world champion in powerlifting among students

From July 10 to July 15, 2017 competitions on the World Cup in powerlifting among students of higher education institutions organized by the International Federation of powerlifting (IPF) were held in Potchefstroom (Republic of South Africa). The student of ETU Alexander Usynin became a champion in category up to 93 kg.

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More than 90 students from Russia, England, the USA, the Republic of South Africa, the Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Lebanon, Poland and other countries became participants of competitions. Young athletes defended honor of the educational institutions: students of Cambridge, Oxford, Ohio State University came to fight for the Cup. Russia was represented by students of three universities – Russian State University of Physical culture, sport, youth and tourism, Siberian State Space University of M.F. Reshetnyov and St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI".

The right to present ETU on the world scene was deserved by Alexander Usynin, student of Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, thanks to a victory at the All-Russian student's powerlifting competitions which took place in April, 2017 in Omsk.

On the World Cup Alexander lifted the weight seven times exceeding his own making several attempts: he lifted 270 kg in squats, 180 kg in press lying and 260 kg in deadlift. The final result in 710 kg, shown by the athlete, became the best among participants of competitions in this weight category.

According to the trainer Andrey O. Vendik, one of founders of St. Petersburg powerlifting school, the athlete and the beginning expert in the field of programming won the Cup thanks to internal tranquility, psychological stability and the strengthened trainings.


Sporting achievements of Alexander: a gold medal at the All-Russian student's powerlifting competitions (Omsk, 2017), a silver medal on the Championship of Russia in powerlifting among juniors (Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region, 2017), silver in the powerlifting Championship of Russian student's sports union (Krasnoyarsk, 2016) and many other awards. At the All-Russian student's powerlifting competitions he set a record among students of Russia in squats with a bar, having taken the weight of 260,5 kg, and on the World Cup he improved his personal result to 270 kg.

Numerous winner and prize-winner of competitions in powerlifting among students Alexander Usynin not only sets sports records, but also manages to study well, design of the automated systems is one of his scientific interests. The athlete from ETU has already successfully ended a bachelor degree of Faculty of Computer Science and Technologies, and now new sport and professional heights wait for him on Master course of ETU.