The oldest electrotechnical university of Europe turned 130 years old!

LETI turned 130 years old!

In the middle of June St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" celebrated its 130th birthday.

22.06.2016 345

In the middle of June St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" celebrated its 130th birthday. ETU LETI is the oldest higher education institution of this profile, the oldest in Europe, where such outstanding scientists as A.S. Popov, G.O. Graftio, V.P. Vologdin, S. Y. Sokolov, A.I. Berg, Z.I. Alfyorov and many others worked.

Today LETI is one of the leading scientific and educational centers of the country. It is among participants of Russian Academic Excellence Project TOP 5-100 and takes the third place among engineering higher education institutions of the country in the demand rating prepared by "The social navigator" of MNA Russia Today.

The university was personally congratulated by Deputy minister of science and education of the Russian Federation A.B. Povalko, special advisor of the president of the Russian Federation concerning military and technical cooperation V.I. Kozhin, CEO of JSC Meridian A.A. Kopanyov, representative of Ilmenau Technical University (Germany), vice chairman of the board of JSC Gazprom S.F. Homyakov gave his wishes.

Holiday events started with LETI chorus performance. Chairman of Committee of youth policy and interaction with public organizations of St. Petersburg R. Y. Abdulina shared her impressions about the concert: "We got a great pleasure, forgot about all our problems and plunged into the magic atmosphere of art where each creation, each note responds in our souls".

In honor of the anniversary exhibition of scientific and technical achievements and gallery of outstanding scientists were opened at the university. Portraits of 17 honourable engineer-electricians of Russia who made a big contribution to the development of electrical equipment in the world and in our country, in creation and formation of Electrotechnical institute among which there are world famous inventors such as A.S. Popov, N. N. Benardos, A.N. Lodygin, the founder of domestic school of theoretical bases of electrical equipment professor I.I. Borgman. Also the international scientific conference "Science and education: technology of success" was held.

The Time capsule, in which the message to students of the future and anniversary release of Electric newspaper were put, became a symbol of connection between generations. The capsule was pledged in the yard of building 5 at a monument to A.S. Popov. The letter will be opened in 70 years – in a year of the 200 anniversary of LETI.

Celebration came to the end on June 17 with ceremonial meeting of the Academic Council. Staff of the Creative center prepared bright performances. Students took active part not only as actors – about 100 volunteers became hospitable owners of LETI.