TEMPUS in Saint-Petersburg

TEMPUS in Saint-Petersburg

Project TEMPUS dedicated to improving of engineering mathematics education started in Saarbrücken started in Saint-Petersburg.

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Project TEMPUS is dedicated to improving of engineering mathematics education started in Saarbrücken. Starting of the project symbolically coincided with completion of work on new concept of mathematical education in Russia. During the first year comparative analysis of mathematics curricula in technical universities in Russia, Germany, Finland and France was carried out in the frames of the project. During the second year in Russian universities new versions of programs, including working with the system of distance learning MathBridge, developed at research center of Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Germany and containing Europe's largest database of tasks in mathematics will be developed and tested. During the last year of the project analysis of the results and their presentation to educational community will take place.

The project involves: St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI), Tampere University of Technology, Mordovia State University, Kazan State Technical University, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, University of Saarland, First Lion Claude Bernard University, Association for Engineering Education in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod State University, Tver State University.

Information for students about opportunities of participation in internships:

TEMPUS project for 2015-2016 academic year includes internship of students to Germany, Finland and France. Training will be carried out within 3 months in English for postgraduates and in native language of the country (German, Finnish, French) for bachelors. Faculty of Computer Science and Technology students wishing to participate in the project should contact the Department of Mathematics-2 to project coordinator S. N, Pozdnyakovu (taking into account their status in 2 years!). Priority will be given to the students who have shown interest in study of discrete mathematics and statistics, and who speaks one of these languages.


Project manager from the ETU "LETI", Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology Mikhail S. Kupriyanov

+7 (812) 234-27-46 mskupriyanov@mail.ru

Project Coordinator from the ETU "LETI", Professor of Department of Mathematics - 2 Sergey Pozdnyakov

+7 (812) 234-63-81 pozdnkov@gmail.com

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