Summer school in LETI: speak confidently in Russian

Summer school in LETI: speak confidently in Russian

On August 25, the Summer School of the Russian Language for Foreign Students, which was held in the First Electrotechnical for the sixth time, was ceremonially ended with delivery of certificates.

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45 students from the Xuzhou Institute of Technology (STI, China) came to study the Russian language in ETU "LETI". For them the Summer School is part of the joint bachelor program "Two Diplomas". STI students for three years studied Russian at home under the guidance of the teachers from the Department of the Russian Language of ETU "LETI". After the third year they came to St. Petersburg to continue their studies at LETI.

14 students from Spain, Greece, Romania, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, Iran and Beijing Institute of Technology, who came to LETI to study the basics of the Russian language, also took part in the Summer School in 2017. Our university not only created favorable conditions for training sessions for foreign students, but also provided they with places in the dormitory number 7.

Photos from the lessons of the Summer School of the Russian language


As a result of preliminary testing, participants were divided into groups, according to three levels of knowledge: beginner group, bachelor group, group for masters and post-graduate students. The division of participants into groups allowed them to choose the best and most effective training program for each of them. During their stay in the Russian cultural capital, the students saw the main sights of the city: the Bronze Horseman, the Winter Palace, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Summer Garden, and also visited the suburbs - Peterhof and Kronstadt.

The vice-rector for additional education Taras V. Kustov welcomed the foreign students at the ceremony of awarding certificates confirming the passage of the summer school and expressed his hope that LETI and St. Petersburg would become friends for them, and wished them good luck throughout their life.

The hard work of students in the classroom, the efforts and support of the teachers gave the result: Chinese students can already confidently share their impressions of the summer school and even read a short poem in Russian, which they clearly demonstrated during the grand meeting.

“I chose LETI because I heard that it is a very famous and very beautiful university. Now I'm studying the Russian language and the history of Russia. I like my teachers and friends. At the weekend I was with friends on Nevsky Prospekt, and we saw very beautiful buildings. St. Petersburg is a paradise, a very beautiful city!”.

Participant of the summer school of the Russian language at LETI Zhou Zeren

Photos from the ceremony of delivery of certificates


Irina Volontsevich, who has experience of teaching Russian language at the Xuzhou Institute of Technology (STI), got acquainted with the participants of this Summer School directly in class, and the level of preparation of Chinese students very pleased her.

“Students have a good vocabulary, a good grammar training, and they understand the live speech. But the guys have to work on expressing their own thoughts, fighting fears. Chinese students have great diligence, so they always overcome any difficulties. The most pleasant thing in our work is when the student starts speaking in your native language”.

Senior Lecturer of the Russian Language Department Irina Volontsevich

From September 1, students of STI will continue their studies at LETI in the framework of the joint educational program of our two partner universities - "Management in Technical Systems". For six years of its work, the Summer School of the Russian language has become a good tradition for the First Electrotechnical, thanks to which the newly made LETI students from China not only receive high-quality language practice before the beginning of a new stage of their education, but also adapt to the new university and socio-cultural conditions.

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The program "Intensive Russian Language Course and Social Adaptation in St. Petersburg" is designed to improve the language training of Chinese students. The first Summer School of Russian language in LETI was held in 2012 as part of the joint bachelor's program "Two Diplomas" with the Technological Institute of Xuzhou City (STI). In the first three years of its work, the school was conducted solely for STI students who come to study at LETI. Since 2015, the geography of participants has been expanded: students from Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Nigeria, Egypt, Venezuela and other countries studied Russian at ETU “LETI”.