Summer at ETU "LETI": white nights, treasures of knowledge and the art of finding friends

Summer at ETU

86 students from 35 countries have received training in vocational and language summer schools at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI."

01.08.2019 3010

In July, vocational summer schools in English and Russian language schools organized by the International Student Office and the Preparatory Department for International Students took place at ETU “LETI” for the third time. This year, 86 students from Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Spain, Iraq, Cyprus, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, South Korea and other countries of the near and far abroad, representatives of 35 countries in total, took part. Geographical coverage is unprecedented: from Uruguay and Mexico in the West to South Korea and Indonesia in the East; from Argentina and South Africa in the South to the Netherlands and Russia in the North.

Two-week educational programs with leading university professors involved allowed international students to acquire new knowledge and develop professional skills in relevant areas. Modern academic and laboratory facilities, experience in fundamental and applied research of university professors have ensured a high level of training at summer schools.

Students received training in 9 programs, 7 of which in English: Biomedical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Laser and Optical Measurements, Intercultural Communication in Business, Mechatronics and Robotics, Heritage Science, and Industrial Software Engineering for Robotics and Internet of Things. The programs Russian Language and Cultural Heritage of Russia and Gems of Russian Culture in the Russian Language allowed students to deepen their knowledge of the Russian language.

Participants of the summer schools were able to combine the acquisition of knowledge with a cultural program: guests could go on excursions around St. Petersburg, visit the Hermitage, Tsarskoye Selo, Peterhof, and Vyborg. As a part of the school program, students got acquainted with the university and its history.

The ceremony of awarding certificates to graduates of schools took place on July 12 in the videoconference hall of building 5. Alexandra Kilina, Preparatory Department for International Students and the main organizer of all schools, opened the ceremony.

"Today is the last day of your Summer schools. I hope that you could combine study at professional schools and enjoying magnificent sites of our city."

Alexandra Kilina, Preparatory Department for International Students

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Student Office, thanked the students and lecturers of summer schools in his speech.

“On behalf of our employees, our rector, I thank you for choosing our university to study this summer. Welcome every year to study here or to make research. Welcome like guests, like students, or PhD. Welcome anytime. And, of course, thanks to the teachers and staff who spent this time with us. Special thanks to the team of International Student Office, led by Alexandra Kilina, whose enthusiasm and professionalism inspired us all to solve complex problems.”

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Student Office

The organizers handed certificates to students who graduated with honors. They are the following: Andres Prada Ramos (Spain), Afet Marieva (Turkey), Xavier Martinez Barbero (Spain), Nasim Hajati (Iran), Johannes Jacobus Coetsee (South Africa), Mahdi Jamshidiha (Iran), Khadijeh Hematikahradeh (Iran), Mohammed Qosayere (France), Hussein Ali Hamid Alabdli (Iraq), Chen Wei-Chen (China), NG Ka Cheng (China), Alfonso Juan Baron Martin (Spain), Yash Sharma (India), Ahmed Amin Chahedaoui (Algeria).

Program coordinators awarded certificates of graduation from ETU "LETI" summer schools. Zafar Yuldashev, Department of Bioengineering Systems, was the first to step on the stage. In this program, students learned how to design and develop biomedical systems, the basics of processing and analyzing medical data.

Sergey Tarasov, Head of the Department of Photonics, presented certificates to graduates of the Renewable Energy school, which took place this year for the first time. Classes were devoted to the current achievements in the field of the renewable energy sector, as well as the development and metrology of solar modules.

"I congratulate you on successful Summer School graduation. In our school, we tried to tell you the most interesting facts about renewable energy, especially solar energy. If you are interested in this topic, I invite you to English-taught Master's degree program "Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Technology," where we will discuss the development of solar cells and solar power plants in details. In general, I wish you to have the sun always shining and to have the energy to make your dreams come true."

Sergey Tarasov, Head of the Department of Photonics

Kirill Krinkin, Head of the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications, congratulated the participants of the Industrial Software Engineering for Robotics and Internet of Things school. Graduates have acquired the essential skill for software engineering in emerging domains like the Internet of Things, Robotics, and Smart Environments.

"We tried to push some part of our program to this short school. I hope that everyone is happy to get some knowledge from us. If you are interested to study in this area, you can become our student or take part in other schools."

Kirill Krinkin, Head of the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications

Another new direction for summer schools was Heritage Science. The participants studied how the actual tasks of cultural heritage preservation can be resolved through the combined use of engineering and humanitarian knowledge. School graduates received certificates from the hands of Vadim Parfenov, Associate Professor of the Department of Photonics.

"It is a great pleasure for us that you decided to come here. I hope that the information and knowledge that you obtained was useful for you and in the future, we could establish a collaboration with you. If some of you will decide to study here, it will be also a great pleasure."

Vadim Parfenov, Associate Professor of the Department of Photonics

Yury Filatov, Head of the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems, presented certificates of graduation to the participants of the Laser and Optical Measurements program.

"I am sure that among treasures of the world there is a treasure of knowledge. Now you became richer, and I congratulate you with your new richness."

Yury Filatov, Head of the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems

Yulia Filippova, a coordinator of the Intercultural Communication in Business program, congratulated the students on successful graduation from the schools and presented them with certificates. Graduates received essential skills and competencies necessary for working in a modern global community.

"This is the second time we held the Intercultural Communication in Business school at our faculty and it was a success again. We do hope that you enjoyed the course and you benefited from it and you acquired all the skills that are necessary for managing the international contacts. I would like to thank you for your diligence in your studies, for your attitude to the teachers and among yourselves."

Yulia Filippova, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages

Graduates of the summer schools devoted to the Russian language and culture received certificates too. Irina Shershneva, Lecturer of the Department of Russian Language, presented them.

After the ceremony, international students shared their impressions.

"I expected to learn some basics and introductions about Arduino and Python, and my expectations came true here. This course was practical. You learn something, and immediately you would program it, and it will help you to learn better. In my university, the subjects were just taught on the board, and think that approach here is better."

Nasim Hajati (Iran), a participant of the Industrial Software Engineering for Robotics and Internet of Things summer school


"I definitely would recommend it. It is a great place to meet new people from other parts of the world. It may be a short course, but it is very interesting not only for knowing the city but to get deeper into your specific area. For me especially interesting was the visit to the Russian Museum, because we could see from very close the restoration and conservation labs. We could ask some questions directly and see how they work, so that was a very valuable experience."

Jeniffer Arlett Ponce Fernandez (Mexico), a participant of the Heritage Science summer school

The organizers of the summer schools are the International Student Office, the Preparatory Department for International Students and the departments of ETU "LETI," which conduct the main educational programs corresponding to the schools. The number of their participants is growing every year - in 2018 about 150 students and young professionals attended school. The number of programs offered increases annually. On August 1, 2019, summer Russian-language schools will start at ETU “LETI,” in which more than a hundred students from around the world will take part.