Students Returning Home

Students Returning Home

Students who reside at university dormitories can return home after informing the dean’s offices and the dormitory officials about their destination and leave the contact information.

21.03.2020 33

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” has switched to distance learning using digital technologies. Students will receive learning and practice materials, instructions and recommendations through personal accounts. Textbooks and study guides for practical study, lab works and seminars are available through the digital library system. You can find the login and password on your library card. Professors will also continuously check a student’s progress.

The university administration will not object if a dormitory resident decides to return home (if they live in Russia) on condition that he or she has a computer and stable high-speed Internet connection. The students have to make the decision to leave themselves. Their places at dormitories will not be given away to other students.

If a student makes a decision to leave, he or she must fill out a form with the information about the place of residence and the contact information. The standard forms with the list of data to fill in can be found in all Dean's and Dormitory Head’s Offices. Once the form is filled out, you have to direct the printed out version to the Dean’s Office or send the form via e-mail/through a personal account (for those who left without filling out the form).

Saint Petersburg is a densely populated city, which increases the risk of an outbreak. Understanding the concerns of students and their families, the university administration has made the following decision.  If a student has considered all the pros and contras of the decision and decided to leave, the university will not object to that. According to our estimation, the distance-learning mode will in place until the end of April. If the classes start earlier than estimated, we will give a 7-10-day notice to everybody and inform them that they need to return to the university. 

Because the university has switched to distance learning, students have to own a computer connected to the Internet to receive practice and instructional materials, and presentations through their personal accounts. The university will send out recommendations for how to approach online courses that are uploaded to educational platforms.

Vladimir Pavlov, head of the task force for coronavirus outbreak prevention at ETU “LETI

All the questions concerning the learning arrangements in conditions of tightened security can be directed at Deans’ Offices, deputy deans for academic affairs.