St. Petersburg became a recipient of "Tourist Oscar"

St. Petersburg became a recipient of

St. Petersburg has confirmed the status of one of the most attractive cities for tourists once again. For the sixth time in a row it has got the international award World Travel Awards. Awards ceremony took place in the Northern Capital itself as St. Petersburg had been recognized as the main tourist direction of the world.

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While choosing the university for studying, beauty of St. Petersburg is not least for foreign students, and presence of cultural component in ETU educational programs can't but draw attention of foreigners to the university.

In summer ETU summer schools give the chance to visit St. Petersburg in the most favorable season when the city pleases guests with green parks and fountains, palaces and monuments and just good weather. Summer schools are great opportunity to combine unique cultural program with study.

Also during the course of training all foreign students have excursions both on historical sights of the city, and on the unusual museums and places, organized by the International student's office. So during last academic year students visited the Museum complex "The Water Universe", presidential library of B.N. Yeltsin, saw the light show at Palace Square and many other things.

"Besides training, LETI offers a big variety of activities which it is possible to be engaged in in off-duty time. We often had excursions both around the city and to suburbs, so we could admire not only architecture, but also the nature. And you aren't tired to enjoy the city – it always has nice places to look at",- graduate of English Master program "Laser Measuring Technologies" Bikram Baruti (India).

"When I arrived to St. Petersburg in May, it was very cold here. But I was heated by the city and its beauty, even despite cold, I had a motivation to walk across St. Petersburg and visit interesting places. It seems to me that I saw everything here– every day I went to new places. But I am sure that in this city there is still a lot of new and interesting!" – shares his impressions student of faculty of financial management from Slovakia Martin Belan.

"I arrived to St. Petersburg because I think that it is very beautiful city, interesting, the cultural capital of Russia. I just like to walk here, along wide Nevsky prospect. We had excursions in the city and suburbs, we visited Kronstadt, Peterhof", – expressed the opinion student of summer school - 2016 Adrian Mansanares García from Spain.