St. Petersburg as seen by ETU “LETI” students

St. Petersburg as seen by ETU “LETI” students

St. Petersburg is once again in the top-100 best cities in the world for international students, according to the QS Best Student Cities Ranking.

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QS Best Student Cities Ranking, an influential British ranking system chooses best cities for international students based on the following criteria: safety, historical and cultural value, economic activity and city capabilities. One more indicator - student view was added to the system in 2017. As a result, St. Petersburg consolidated its position in the top-100 by rising to the 76th place.

High school graduates from Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union and beyond are striving to enter a university in St. Petersburg. ETU “LETI” welcomes students from all over the country. First year students of ETU are on average 70% non-St.Petersburg residents. At the moment there are about 1467 international students at ETU “LETI”. They are attracted not only by job perspectives and quality of education here but also by rich culture and history of the city.

“I was awarded an ETU scholarship by winning a competition. My country has entered a partnership agreement with Russian educational institutions. The most shocking thing in St. Petersburg for me was its very changeable weather. Also I saw snow for the first time here. I really like studying in St. Petersburg but lectures are a challenge for me because of how difficult the Russian language is“.

Mateus Neto (Angola), first-year student of the School of Electronics

“I was torn between St. Petersburg and Moscow for a long time but all my friends told me that I had to go to St. Petersburg to get an education.  However, my choice of a university wasn’t that hard. I picked ETU immediately because this university is famous for its high quality of training. I really like the housing provided by the university. I live in ten minutes walk from a metro station and the nearby infrastructure is well developed.

Culture of this city really appeals to me because it’s so different from the culture I grew up in. I like friendly people and opportunities here. “

Potupitia Kankanange Razika Taranga (Sri Lanka), first-year student of the School of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation

“Compared to my country, Russian technology is very well developed. Most professors in Ghana were educated in the Soviet Union, most of them in St. Petersburg.

I like people in St. Petersburg. I’ve been to various cities. No doubt, Russia is a big country and people here are different. I was learning Russian in Voronezh but in St. Petersburg I feel more comfortable. People here are more open. They act in a more neutral way and don’t pay too much attention to foreigners.

I think that the Russian educational system is very good but it could be better. I think we could use more practical training for us to apply all the theoretical knowledge we received earlier. I was living in a student dormitory while getting my Bachelor’s degree. It was a good experience for me because I was able to practice my Russian with Russian people. I want to get a job here and I want to start my own business in bioengineering. “

Apana Kenneth Aynbuno (Ghana), second-year master’s student of the School of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems

For future reference

QS Best Student Cities Ranking was designed by Quacquarelli Symonds. The company was founded in 1990 by Nunzio Quacquarelli as a student project. The company published textbooks for international students. After long research and consultations with concerned parties, QS issued its first ranking system that is used even now. The results of such large-scale research help students learn about the best cities and countries.

In 2018 QS selected four Russian cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow (the 28th place), Tomsk (the 74th place), and Novosibirsk (96th place).