Сonnection with Our Roots, Intellectual and Creative Exchange at the Intercultural Forum at ETU "LETI"

Сonnection with Our Roots, Intellectual and Creative Exchange at the Intercultural Forum at ETU

On November 24-25, students and teachers of the humanitarian profile will gather at the Palette of Languages and Cultures forum dedicated to folk art.

13.11.2020 114

On November 24 and 25, the Thirteenth Annual Interuniversity Forum "Palette of Languages and Cultures" will take place at ETU "LETI." The event is traditionally held as part of the International Day of Tolerance. This year's forum, organized by the Department of Foreign Languages of ETU "LETI," will take place online on the Zoom platform.

The year 2020 is the year of folk art in Russia, so the thirteenth forum will be dedicated to folklore. Organizers chose a quote from the artist Ivan Bilibin as the theme of the event: "Folk Art is the soul of the people and its strength and pride... It has saved and united the people more than once...".

During the forum, participants will discuss the diversity of folk art from different countries, explore the unique features of its types, such as folklore, folk poetry, theater, music, dance, visual and decorative arts, and identify the role of folk art in embracing tolerance.

The forum program consists of two parts. On November 24, a scientific and practical conference dedicated to folk art will take place. To participate, students and teachers must send their thesis by e-mail to letiforum@gmail.com by November 15. Requirements are presented in the information letter (in Russian). It is planned to publish an electronic edition of the conference proceedings.

"Online format deprives us of the most important thing - live human contact - you can't argue with it. But it cannot deprive us of the possibility of intellectual and creative exchange. This year's theme is dedicated to folk traditions, and this is relevant beyond any global conditions and circumstances. Culture influenced us all; the memory of our ancestors and connection with our roots make us who we are in many ways. And telling about it within our intercultural forum at a conference or a concert is a great opportunity to make a statement, to show your creative soul."

Lyubov Ulyanitskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages of ETU "LETI" 

On November 25, there will be a concert prepared by students of the Department of Foreign languages and international students. Those wishing to take part in the event can send a video with a traditional song or dance performance, cooking of a meal, or a story about folklore, theater, painting, handicrafts, or crafts for up to 5 minutes by e-mail to inyaz-org@mail.ru until November 20.

"The Forum is a long tradition which we would not like to interrupt because of the current circumstances. It is another challenge for all of us - to test ourselves in a remote communication environment. For example, there were online conferences, but we have not yet done the concert with creative performances remotely. And if a person has a need and desire to express himself, the forum can provide such an opportunity!"

Andrey Shumkov, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of ETU "LETI"