SmartSpace of the city of the future: from creators

SmartSpace of the city of the future: from creators

On September 20 within the business program of the X St. Petersburg International Innovative Forum in "Expoforum" the roundtable discussion "SmartSpace of the city of the future" organized by ETU "LETI" was held. The intellectual base for the city of the future became a subject for discussion: components – systems – frames.

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Experts in the field of training, labor market, representatives of medical branch, the Russian and German industry became the participants.

Doctor of Engineering, professor, Head of Department of Micro- and nanoelectronics of "LETI" Victor V. Luchinin spoke about direct connection of the person and the smart environment, about transition to absolutely other understanding of environment and society and also about priorities of scientific and technological development of Russia.

Victor Luchinin elaborated on the subject of SmartSpace in the direction of socially oriented technologies. Among the main tendencies there is a change of quality of life, including a possibility of compensating of lost functions of an organism; friendly interface; a preventive directivity and personalisation of biomedical monitoring up to house conditions; new noninvasive technologies and methods of diagnostics with achievement of possibility of "personalisation" of therapeutic influence, development of technologies of selective address delivery of drugs. The subject of biomedical monitoring, touched by Victor Luchinin, brought up a question of storage of personal data.

Questions of transition of the industry to the digital-future were discussed by colleagues from Germany. Professor of the University of Magdeburg Olaf Fridevald told about influence of digital of processes on our life and the industries 4.0.

It is impossible to train professionals that meet the requirements of time without collaboration of institutions of higher education and enterprises. Chief engineer of the company "SREDA SoftWare Solution", Candidate of Technical Sciences Yaroslav A. Domaratsky told about joint case of ETU and his company. 10 years of cooperation and joint implementation of grants allowed to create more than 200 thousand devices with sensors and to develop the sphere of wireless data transfer. Among large projects of higher education institution and "SREDA SoftWare Solution" there is a data transfer in real time between trucks in a column: the leading truck can transfer video data and information with ADAS, the modern system of assistance to the driver, to other trucks following it.

Experience of cooperation between German, Russian universities, science and technology parks and mid-size companies was described by the member of Association of the German graduates of the Soviet and Russian higher education institutions " Go East Generation e.V." Verner Ditch. Successfully realized projects of supervision of pipelines in Kazakhstan and Nizhnevartovsk, creation of radio relay networks for communication of radar stations in Kuwait is the result of international commonwealth.

Ivan G. Antsev stated the concept of the city of future on the basis of products which are almost developed by JSC “NPP Radar MMS”. According to this concept, effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in artificially created environment is reached due to use of the systems and their elements united by the uniform BMS platform. Effective integration of digital, physical and human systems in artificially created environment, improvement of quality, interactivities and productivities of city services, decrease in expenses and consumption of resources, management of information streams and their protection and also creation of modern IT infrastructure will become the result of their introduction.

Participants of roundtable discussion agreed in opinion that orientation to the person and his requirements will become the main task of SmartCity. As the chairman of the board of JSC RUSNANO Anatoly B. Chubais noted at a plenary session of St. Petersburg International Innovative Forum, innovative economy is a risk, uncertainty and creativity, so realization of creation of SmartSpace is impossible without professionals.