Scientific lecture from foreign colleagues

Scientific lecture from foreign colleagues

From September 12 to September 15 the series of lectures in English on the subject "Design of Products of Flexible Printing Electronics" were held at ETU “LETI”. Lectures were given by foreign scientists and experts.

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The audience could learn a lot of things about architecture of thin-film components, sets of rules of development and methods of their modeling and the full way of process of development was discussed: from specification to generation of files necessary for production of the final product. Also final characterization of set of text samples was presented to check functionality and productivity of devices and schemes.

Generally, target audience of the course are graduate students and developers investigating use of flexible electronics. The audience of thr course learned about recent trends of the direction and experience of foreign colleagues in the field of design of schemes with use of thin-film printing components.

Similar joint activity is important for ETU as one of the main priorities of development of the University that is a development of international cooperation, which plays a huge role in the modern world, helping to provide exchange of scientific knowledge and opening.