Safety is the main priority: ETU "LETI" students and professors will go on a break from March 28 to April 5

Safety is the main priority: ETU

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI," issued an order on non-working days in March and April 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

28.03.2020 285

According to the order, non-working days from March 30 to April 5, 2020, with the preservation of wages, are declared for all categories of university employees. University students go on a break from March 28 to April 5, 2020. The educational process using online learning and distance education technologies is temporarily suspended.

Students and employees and of ETU "LETI" are recommended to stay at home during this period, abstain from leaving St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, travel by transport, and visit mass gatherings of people.

"Our top priority today is the safety and health of our students, professors, and staff. A week off is an effective measure to help reduce the risk of a dangerous infection spreading. But during this time, it is vital to follow all rules of prevention and reduce contact with others where possible."

Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI,"

Heads of departments and subdivisions of the university should provide measures of fire safety, security, and safety of the property of the university in non-working days. The security regime of the university will be strengthened.

The government of St. Petersburg imposes heavy restrictions due to COVID-2019. Until April 30, the work of entertainment and leisure facilities is banned, and a temporary ban on any leisure or festive events is introduced.

It is forbidden to provide services to individuals, which require a face-to-face presence, except for medical, rehabilitation, veterinary, financial, transport, hotel, elderly care, communications, burial, and housing and communal services. The multifunctional centers will not provide services other than those in electronic form. It is forbidden to visit religious institutions and parks.

To the attention of students and professors

All tests assigned for this period are carried over to the period after April 6, 2020.

Access to student accounts (, electronic educational resources (, the electronic library system ( will be opened during the break for self-study.