Russian education for development of China

Russian education for development of China

In August, 2017 the graduate student of Department of Computer Aided Design from China Wenlong Yi won a tender for receiving a grant of public foundation of natural sciences of China NSFC.

28.09.2017 286

Public financing will be directed to implementation of scientific project on the subject "Visual Modelling of Cages of Irrigation Rice Leaf on the basis of Physical and Chemical Interactions".

Public foundation of natural sciences of China NSFC takes the significant place in the system of organization of science of People's Republic of China.

It is a really difficult competition, which it is very difficult to win. I had been preparing for it for a long time and won only from the second attempt. The grant from NSFC gives the chance to pay experimental materials, trips to conferences, printings of scientific articles and registration of patents. The victory in this competition gives the chance to me and other scientists of ETU to take part in the joint project of the Russian Federal Property Fund (RFPF) and NSFC next year.

shares Yi Wenlong.

Yi Wenlong came to ETU postgraduate study on Department of Computer Aided Design in 2014. During this time he actively participated in life of his university: several timeshe made reports on the conferences of teaching stuff, ElConRus, SCM conferences, etc… He participated in reception of official delegations from China, took part in development of official version of the website in Chinese and also actively helped to fill out the Chinese section on the portal of the project 5-100 Study in Russia.

We congratulate our graduate student Yi Wenlong on such noticeable victory and wish him success in further scientific work!