Results of the festival "Spring at LETI - 2014"

Results of the festival

XII International Festival of intellectual games "Spring at LETI - 2014" took place on March 15-16. 48 teams from Russia, Belorussia and Latvia participated in it.

21.03.2014 171

XII International Festival of intellectual games "Spring at LETI - 2014" which was attended by 48 teams from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Saransk, Tver, Zelenograd, Dolgoprudniy, Ramenkoe, Serpukhov, Bereznikov took place on March 15-16.  Players from Minsk and Daugavpils also came on a game.

Total number of participants exceeded 300 people. Among them were members of elite club "What? Where? When" Andrew Supranovich, Sergey Nikolenko and other players as well as players of television version of “Jeopardy" - Anatoly Wasserman , Alexander Lieber, Alexander Martynov .


In "Blitz -marathon" the team of Andrey Supranovich became the best.


1. Alexander Lieber

2 . Anton Bochkarev

3. Peter Kazennov

"Scrabble Quartet"

1. Operating name

2 . La Scala

3. Striped towny owl

"What? Where? When?"

1. Operating name

2. Kiribati picked team

3. Illuminati

Three winning teams in the overall standings of the Festival

1. Kiribati team

2. Operating name

3. Team of Andrew Supranovich

Team "The issue is about pepper" (Captain is Leonid Mikhlin) became the best young team of the Festival.

A detailed table of results is available by reference.

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