Preparing the Russian elite: ETU "LETI" rises in the Forbes ranking

Preparing the Russian elite: ETU

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" improved its position in the ranking of top 100 Russian universities according to Forbes Russia.

03.07.2019 1239

Forbes Russia published a ranking of the top 100 Russian universities for the second time. It solves two problems: assessing the quality of Russian education and identifying universities whose graduates in the future may become members of the Forbes list or enter the country's political elite.

The authors of the study analyzed the data on the effectiveness of more than 1000 universities prepared by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The ranking took into account the quality of education, statistics on the employment of graduates, their relevance in the regions, and the number of entrepreneurs among them. Forbes studied the biographies of more than 1,600 representatives of the Russian elite and members of the Forbes list, their children, heads of private and public companies, and government officials.

The universities were analyzed by ten metrics grouped into three components: the quality of education (maximum 50 points), the quality of graduates (maximum 30 points) and the “Forbes factor,” taking into account the “elitism” of the institution and the share of entrepreneurs in the total number of graduates (maximum 20 points).

ETU "LETI" scored 41.83 points and ranked 37th, rising nine positions compared with last year (in 2018 ETU "LETI" ranked 46th with 38.25 points).

In addition to ETU "LETI," the rating includes sixteen universities of St. Petersburg. The leader of the rating is the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow State Institute of International Relations is in second place, and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the third.