XVIII International Festival LETI Communication Experts Festival 2018 («PR – profession of the third millennium»)

PR – profession of the third millennium 2018

XVIII International Festival LETI Communication Experts Festival 2018 will be held at ETU «LETI» on April 10-13, 2018. It is the biggest annual event in Russia for students in the communications sphere, organized by Public Relations Department.

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An extensive program is prepared for the festival's participants. In the frameworks of the 2018's theme "Art of Communication. Communication in Art.", future media professionals will have an opportunity to face and solve a lot of different cases from the festival's partner companies.

Moreover, the participants will have a chance to visit electives and workshops from the Public Relations & Advertising professionals, and also present their own solutions on the Research and practice conference «Social communication: science, education, profession». Thus, training program "Google Workshop: CSI Lab: Creative Skills for Innovation" will be presented by the graduate of ETU «LETI» - Sofia Mostovaya, Lead specialist in strategic planning in Russia and CIS.

The speakers of the upcoming conference at LETI are: Dmitrij Petrovich Gavra, Head of Public Relations in business Department of the Institute «School of Journalism & Mass Communications» SPSU, professor, PhD in Sociology; Sergei Kalinchuk, Head of Saint Petersburg Department, SPN Communication; Galina Zhushman, PR-director of the «Erarta» Modern Art Museum; Dmitrenko Mariya Anatolievna, The Chief of the Communication and Information Services of the Russian Museum; Ekaterina Tareeva, founder and CEO of «MediaBuzz» communication agency, art-blogger; Maxim Kamornikov, Executive Director of Greenlabs; Ekaterina Rudnenko, copywriter for Digital-agency Nimax.

The Festival General partner is “Saint Petersburg” Bank. Besides, Coca-Cola HBC Russia, SPN Communications, Russian Museum, ISIC, Dostaevsky, Gogol Library, Cekh 85, Lyubimyj Kraj, Waf-Waf, Greenlabs and others will also provide support to the Festival in 2018.

The Festival's partners will give a chance to the participants to solve some practical communication cases. In particular, the company Coca-Cola HBC Russia proposed a case about creating an effective email newsletter that will be definitely read. In addition, the participants of the conference will attend a career guidance tour to the modern Soft drink bottling factory Coca-Cola HBC Russia in St. Petersburg.

The Festival's partner Gogol Library asks to create a solution for the promotion of an unusual event - the centennial of the library. The case from the Russian Museum will face the participants with a hard, but interesting task - to lead a new target audience and form a perception of the museum as a complex. Dostaevsky company will let young specialists know more about HR-branding, so they can implement their knowledge in creating company's employer brand and its image.

The organizing committee welcomes everyone who wants to take part in the Festival as a team member or individually. More information and news can be found on «VKontakte» vk.com/pr_fest or on the Festival's website www.pr-fest.org.

April 10-13, 2018