Nobody but us

Nobody but us

Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI” presented unique R&D projects at the ARMY-2018 International Military-Technical Forum.

10.09.2018 171

Key professionals from all over the world took part in the Army-2018 International Military-Technical Forum. The exhibition display and demonstration programs were organized in one of the cities of the Moscow region on the territory of Patriot Expocenter, Alabino Testing Grounds, Kubinka Aerodrome and Patriot Park.

The welcome speech was given by Sergei Shoigu, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, four-star general. He mentioned that militarily-specific technologies and expertise demonstrated during the Forum were created to defend the borders of Russia, maintain marine, airspace and ground safety. Representatives of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Federal agencies of executive authority, Russian top military officials, central military authorities and enterprises of the defense industrial complex and international delegations participated in the opening ceremony of Army-2018.

“We did our best to show what was done by our researchers and engineers to defend borders of our country, to maintain safety. Everything was completed efficiently in a time frame that was established by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief when adopting State Armaments Program for the upcoming 10 years”.

Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, four-star general

Vladimir V. Putin, the President of the Russian Federation appealed to the participants of the Forum, saying that Army-2018 is a ground for discussing military and technical cooperation, strengthening ties between defense establishments of different countries.

ETU “LETI” presented unique projects in knowledge-intensive and hi-tech spheres: Russian electronic component base for electrical and radio engineering systems for extreme operating conditions; a new generation of portable small-sized radio engineering and acoustic antenna arrays; portable information and communication systems – a new generation of communication tools; radio technical and hydroacoustic systems of multispectral monitoring and identification based on new information technologies.

“The essential criteria in selecting exhibits for the Forum “Army-2018” were their intellectual innovation potential, competitiveness or superiority, and, undoubtedly, demand by organizations of the military-industrial complex”.

Viktor Luchinin, Head of the Center for Microtechnologies and Diagnostics

Advanced pocket-sized technical means of electromagnetic and acoustic passive-active monitoring for operational control of space environment, airspace and submarine waters were demonstrated.

As part of the development of so called cyber-physical technologies, ETU researchers have developed compact sensory-communication and navigation components of the Internet of Things, both in the defense and social spheres, RFID microsystems using flexible conformal