Nishan Koirala: LETI Is Always Open to New Thoughts and Creative Ideas

Nishan Koirala: LETI Is Always Open to New Thoughts and Creative Ideas

In this interview, Nishan Koirala, a student from Nepal, tells why he entered LETI, compares the sun in St. Petersburg with Jerry Mouse, and shares his achievements in poetry.

27.07.2022 94

Nishan Koirala followed in the footsteps of his relatives and came to get an education in Russia. Now, he is studying for his master's degree at the Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering of LETI. The student loves poetry, writes poems, and even won a prize at the XVI City Student Evening of Oriental Poetry.


– When I started my professional career, I had many friends and relatives who received higher education in Russia and returned to the country to work here. I think I'm following their way – I want to study in Russia and go to Nepal. And since childhood, I have dreamed of visiting the largest country in the world! But when I finally decided that I would go to Russia, I faced a difficult choice: to go to Moscow or St. Petersburg. I chose St. Petersburg and immediately started looking for an educational institution. I learned about LETI, read a lot of information about it, and found out that it is one of the best electrical engineering universities in Europe, and it immediately attracted me. I realized that here I would get exactly the education I needed. And I really like studying at LETI, our teachers are always ready to help if students have any difficulties or questions about their studies, and the university is always open to new thoughts and creative ideas.

I moved to St. Petersburg in the winter. At first, it was very difficult for me to get used to the climate of the city, but after about a month, I got used to the snow, which I rarely saw in Nepal.

In general, I associate the climate of St. Petersburg with the cartoon "Tom and Jerry": I'm always trying to "catch up" with the heat, but it leaves me.

When I started learning Russian, it was very difficult for me. The main problem was the number of cases, I was constantly confused about them and they are still difficult for me, and I hardly understand everything. But my friend gave me books in Russian so that I could have practiced all the time. I'm sure it will help me.

I have quite a lot of interests: I like to travel, I like to meet new people and do my professional activities. And I also like to write poetry. I started doing this as a child. Now in my poems, I usually touch on the theme of childhood, I write poems about nature, mother, love, happiness, and sadness. Not so long ago, I took part in the "Evening of Oriental Poetry." Besides me, there were 45 other students of 16 nationalities. Each of us shared our feelings about love, happiness, and grief, reading poems in their national languages. I really liked this event; we also showed our national clothes. I believe that knowing my native language, art and culture is the best display of my uniqueness and individuality, and I could show all this at this wonderful event.

The poems of Lakshmiprasad Devkota and Bhanubhakta Acharya always amaze me; they try to convey to the reader the idea that one should always dream of something high and big and enjoy life. And of the Russian poets, I, of course, like many, probably like Pushkin's work.

What does LETI mean to you?

– LETI is like a family to me that is far away from you. I make this comparison because the institute prepares me for a better future without demanding anything in return. It's like raising a child without any expectations.

Highlight of studying at LETI

– I think one of the highlights of LETI for me is teamwork, and working with my classmates. It is difficult for me to single out any specific moment, I just live in the present, and every moment is very bright and beautiful for me.

What would you like to take to your country from Russia?

– The most important thing that I want to take to my country from Russia is a huge number of pleasant memories.

Favorite places in St. Petersburg

  • New Holland
  • Lake Ladoga
  • Nevsky Prospekt
  • Gulf of Finland
  • Hermitage

Advice to those who think about studying in Russia

– Russia is a huge and magnificent country, rich in history, and the only advice I would like to give is to learn Russian and be prepared for cold weather.