New Year's concert at ETU "LETI" organized by international students

New Year's concert at ETU

On 20th December 2017 a traditional New Year ‘s concert was held at ETU “LETI”. It was organized by ETU’s International Student Office and international students of ETU “LETI”.

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This year the theme of the concert was Father Frost’s (Ivan Degtyarev) magic journey around the world. In each country he and his granddaughter Snegurochka (Alisa Topchii) met international students of ETU who showed Father Frost elements of their culture – dances, songs and games.

The magic journey started in Russia where Karim Atto sung “Dorogoi Dalneyu” (Those were the days) in Russian, English and French.

The USA was represented by Oliwo Taljan Wanessa who performed the song “My way”. In Cuba Cuban students Gonsalez Perez Julejsi, Lopez Werdesie Lisbet Olinda and Delgado Guaraka Kleiner Manuel from Ecuador danced vibrant Latin American bachata.

In Peru Becharano Malukish Marko Polo performed a famous song by the band Oasis and Widangos Ponze Gabino Ray showed the audience a Peruvian game called mata-chole and invited everyone to take part in it. In Argentina two students - Segalo Alexandro and Badilio Pablo Daniel performed a modern song in Spanish, talked about traditions of their country and played an Argentinean game with the guests. In Nigeria Father Frost and Snegurochka met Emech Promis who sang melodic Halleluiah and Ese Titus Ugotchukwu who performed a fast Nigerian dance. Chinese students fully represented their culture by singing a song and plying a Chinese game.

After that Benjamin Fidler suggested that everyone should play a game that exists all over the world – “Musical chairs”. International students eagerly took part in this fun game. The winner was a Nigerian student Solomon Osakwe.

The International Student Office organizes such New Year parties for international students every year to help them socialize.