New partner of ETU “LETI”

New partner of ETU “LETI”

On December 23, 2016 delegation from East Chinese transport university visited ETU “LETI”.

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On December 23, 2016 delegation from East Chinese transport university represented by the president Luo Yufeng, the head of international division Chen Qingping, the head of postgraduate study Zhou Ermin and the deputy director He Yongfeng visited ETU “LETI”. The purpose of the visit was signing of agreement about cooperation between two universities.

ETU “LETI” was represented by the Rector Vladimir Mikhaylovich Kutuzov, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Victor Anatolyevich Tupik, the head of Department of International Academic Mobility Maria Vladimirovna Kiselyova and the Head of Department of International Projects Dmitry Viktorovich Holodnyak.

At the beginning of the meeting the parties told about their universities, their history, structure and achievements. Guests from China acquainted the representatives of LETI with the province Jiang, which is their pride: it was there where the first Chinese army of workers was created, also Chinese state originates from there.


By further negotiations representatives of the universities reached the following agreements on cooperation:

  • exchange of information in the field of education and researches;
  • development of interaction between students and graduate students, encouragement of advanced training, participation in programs of exchange and other programs;
  • support of interaction between teachers for the purpose of carrying out joint scientific research, and also exchange of teachers for the purpose of increase in professional qualification;
  • participation of professors of both universities in international scientific conferences and seminars held by one of partner universities; carrying out of summer schools.

Then guests visited the Department of Automatic Control Systems where they were shown the equipment and were told about activities of the Departmnet. They also had an excursion to the memorial flat of the outstanding Russian scientist Alexander Stepanovich Popov, which was followed by the story about his life and inventions.