Microwave electronics: a Russian textbook to students all over the world

Microwave electronics: a Russian textbook to students all over the world

Students of best international universities will learn microwave electronics through the textbook written by researchers of Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”.

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SpringerScience+BusinessMedia publishing house will publish the English version of the textbook (“Microwave Electronics”) in 2018. The Russian version was published by the Department of Radioelectronics of ETU “LETI” in 2015. The team of writers consists of Prof. Andrey D.Grigoriev, Assoc. Prof. Vyacheslav A. Ivanov and Prof. Sergey I. Molokovsky. The book is intended as a manual on radio engineering, electronics, biomedical engineering and automation.

The book describes physical basics of microwave vacuum and microwave semiconductor devices. Interactions between charged particles in the electromagnetic field, their laws of motion in various environments are described as well. A reader will get full insight into various types of microwave devices, their theory, characteristics and parameters, structural properties, fields of application, development trends.

The textbook dives into the recent trends of microwave electronics and is essential when training highly qualified engineers and researchers-developers of electronic devices. According to SPRINGER, 428 people from all over the world purchased the online version by 11 April, 2018.