Master courses in LETI: to gain advantages for employment and professional growth

Master courses in LETI: to gain advantages for employment and professional growth

At the university the recruitment to the magistracy for budgetary places was completed. This year, 831 applicants entered the second stage of higher education.

18.08.2017 299

The most demanded in this year were master programs of the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Informatics, the Faculty of Electronics and the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications, developing the scientific traditions of the creator of the national school of radio engineering, the inventor of radio professor A.S. Popova. The high competition was preserved in the directions in which LETI is universally recognized as the world leader: "Nanotechnologies and microsystem equipment", "Radio engineering", "Infocommunication technologies and communication systems", "Biotechnical systems and technologies" and "Applied mathematics and informatics".

According to the results of admission to the magistracy, 831 most motivated graduates of the bachelor's program were enrolled - these are people who not only successfully studied, but also participated actively in the scientific activities of the university during the entire period of study. Over 100 accredited undergraduates are scholarship holders of the President and Government of the Russian Federation, winners of the All-Russian Student Olympiads, have the diplomas of the conference "The Science of the Present and Future" and the Olympiads for entrants to the magistracy LETI.

"The policy of the university is aimed at maximizing the possibility for the bachelors of LETI to continue their studies at their home university. At the same time, we are open to well-prepared graduates of other universities: about 20% of undergraduates are graduates of universities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia, as well as CIS countries".

Executive secretary of the Admission Committee of ETU "LETI" Anastasia Minina

In the framework of agreements with companies - strategic partners of the University, applicants enter the magistracy according to the target admission. After the completion of the training, the graduates will join the ranks of highly qualified specialists of the large industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg: JSC Arsenal, JSC Concern Okeanpribor, JSC Concern CSRI Elektropribor, LLC INERTECH, Avangard, Research Institute Vector, JSC Svetlana-Elektropribor and others.

According to Anastasia Minina, executive secretary of the Admission Committee of the ETU "LETI", the priority in selecting a university for further education, when research activity comes to the forefront, goes to a highly qualified teaching staff and university cooperation with foreign partners – both exist in LETI.

Today LETI continues admission for training under contracts for the provision of paid educational services for English-language training programs. To submit documents for training before August 23 can both citizens of Russia, and foreign citizens. The Faculty of Information-Measuring and Biotechnical Systems (FIBS) successfully implements English-language programs - "Laser Measuring Technology" and "Bioengineering Systems and Technologies for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation". In 2016, the Academic Council of the University developed and approved four more Master's programs in English: RF, Microwave and Terahertz Engineering of Wireless Systems; Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Technology; Computational Methods and Knowledge Discovery; Automation and Mechatronics.

At the moment, the most popular program of "double diplomas" is a joint program with the Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), which has existed for many years. Students study at the partner university during the year at the 6th course of the master's program and simultaneously write a master's thesis in LETI. Training under this program is free. Graduates, in addition to unique experience, receive international diplomas.

"I studied under the "Double Diploma" program together with the Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland) during the second year of master's degree in the direction of" Management in technical systems ". Lappeenranta University of Technology offers an appropriate training program for "Electrical Engineering - Control Systems". The program provides the trainees with many advantages, and this is not only an opportunity to obtain a diploma on the completion of a European master's program. First of all, this is a completely different view of things familiar to a Russian student. For example, the opportunity to independently choose courses and register with them; exams are also offered for delivery on several dates, so if there is no time to prepare now, you can pass the exam later".

Master’s student at FEA, participant of the program "Double Diploma" Alexander Mirlenko

The greatest difficulty faced by muster’s students in learning the program is its intensity. However, the high level of preparation of LETI students at the previous level of education allows them to overcome successfully the encountered difficulties.