Maria Imaikina, Head of the Department for Educational and Social Affairs: "The meeting place is online"

Maria Imaikina, Head of the Department for Educational and Social Affairs:

Maria Imaikina told about the work of the Department for Educational and Social Affairs and public organizations of ETU "LETI" in the period of self-isolation.

10.04.2020 1042

– We all know that the fight against the spread of coronavirus around the world has now reached a new level. Orders and decrees are issued, which urge us to switch to self-isolation and minimize any contact with the world around us. The university, in turn, also tries its best to protect our students and employees from the infection hazard and spread of the novel virus by regularly issuing new documents regulating our actions and those of the university in a difficult situation.

It was not very easy for students to get through all restrictions of normal routine: no meetings with friends, distance learning, self-isolation inside a dormitory or apartment, impossibility to go out on a job - all this worries students and creates a feeling of imbalance in life.

In such an environment, it is important to get feedback from students and understand how to help them in the current circumstances. Our student organizations are now actively involved in this process. For example, student councils in dormitories accumulate questions from students, and student councils and curators help to address all issues with distance learning. The student union also carries out a great deal of outreach and explains issues that concern students.

In this difficult period for all of us, the Department for Educational and Social Affairs together with public organizations try to inform and support students in every possible way. But besides outreach, we also try to make the life of students in self-isolation more eventful and interesting, offering them to take part in various activities without leaving home. Now, the meeting place for students is online.

For example, student curators prepared a range of interesting projects. Recently, the preliminary selection of candidates for the position of student curator has been completed, and now students will have to pass interviews, which will allow choosing the best ones, who will actively help freshmen to adapt to student life from the first of September. Instead of the usual PE classes, the Seven_K team organized an online challenge with sports exercises in the morning to buoyant music.

The team of ETU "LETI" Creative Center is also not afraid of switching to self-isolation. The theatre studio conducts not only regular rehearsals on Skype but has already recorded the plot for the Theatre Day on March 27, being in different cities of Russia and St. Petersburg districts. And KVN humor competition participants write texts for new games and consult with their curators online. Also, recently, an online warm-up competition with a conductor took place among the participants of the ETU "LETI" Chorus VK page. And the club of French Language Enthusiast offered students to take part in a week-long marathon "Je parle de ma ville natale" ("I'm talking about my hometown") or to connect to an online conversation via video conference in ZOOM. Also, subscribers of the Centre for Cultural and Educational Work regularly enjoy streams with teachers of creative teams on social media.

The traditional ETU "LETI" Student of the Year contest organized by the Student Council continues. The submission period will soon be completed, and afterward, an expert jury will select the winners remotely. Members of the Student Council also organized a photo contest #stayathome, where everyone can post a photo of their learning at home. Also, a Frequently Asked Questions section was created, where students answer questions on current activities.

And, of course, our public organizations and creative teams regularly post various lists of films, books, online courses, playlists, and other activities for recreation and self-development of students.

We all want to believe that the period of self-isolation is not for long, and soon we will return to our usual way of life, but in the meantime, we will try to make life better and more exciting for students! See you online!