Major Step Towards a Tech Breakthrough

Major Step Towards a Tech Breakthrough

At the 2nd Saint Petersburg Digital Forum, Viktor Sheludko, rector of ETU “LETI”, signed a memorandum that establishes a world-class academic center in the field of 5G and advanced networks by 2030.

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The idea to create such an academic center is backed up by Saint Petersburg’s enormous potential to develop digital economy. The city has laboratories and core facility centres in the relevant field, as well as leading Russian and world-class universities. Such higher education institutions carry out training of IT specialists and unique R&D of infocommunication technologies and apps.

“I wish you all a good start because each idea has to be defended first. For four Saint Petersburg-based universities that are going to take part in the project it is a new step towards new profile and a new goal. It is a new step towards solving many problems that will be faced by us in the future. Let your journey be successful.”

Vladimir Knyaginin, Vice-Governor of Saint Petersburg

Such a memorandum is a real opportunity for the four major technical universities of Saint Petersburg to join forces with enterprises of the real economy. According to Viktor Sheludko, rector of ETU “LETI”, the university is very active in its cooperation with business.

“We are starting to formalize our relationship with key players at the high-tech market. LETI is closely connected with such serious corporations as PAO Gazprom and PAO Gazprom Neft. 5G incorporates all the most advanced developments in the field of communication and IT. In this area, our university has achieved a lot: electronic  and photonic components, hybrid RF photonics, solid state and vacuum electronics, hardware solutions, new system architectures, etc. LETI is competent in all of these spheres and has project solutions developed in cooperation with major industrial enterprises.”

Viktor Sheludko, rector of ETU “LETI”

The academic center will carry out research projects and world-level developments, produce and commercialize new competitive technologies. The parties of the memorandum will jointly train staff specifically for the purpose of solving R&D problems for the benefit of technological and scientific development in priority areas of the Russian Federation.

First, to start implementing this memorandum, a work group will be assembled. It will be tasked with determining the agenda of the academic center in Saint-Petersburg and prepare all the relevant documents. The parties of the memorandum hope that by joining forces they could achieve a tech breakthrough in Russia.