LETI – ZIBAT: how cross-cultural communication works

LETI – ZIBAT: how cross-cultural communication works

From October, 30 to November, 11 2017 visit of students and teachers from Zealand institute of Business and Technology ZIBAT (Denmark) to ETU was held. It was organized within the joint educational program, which is implemented by partner universities.

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Cooperation between the universities began in 2015, when the small delegation from ETU visited Zealand institute of business and technology to discuss forms of cooperation, therefore it was decided to carry out interaction in the form of exchange of teachers and students. In 2015 the first model of joint two-week educational was developed.

In April, 2016 the first visit of 20 Danish students and 7 teachers took place within the program developed by Faculty of Economics and Management.

"At the beginning it was difficult because any large-scale project demands preparation and efforts. Experience received by Danish and Russian students during the first program was invaluable, and both parties made the decision to continue interaction", 

Head of Department of International academic mobility Maria A. Kiselyova

In autumn, 2016 students of ETU arrived to Denmark for two weeks. The Danish part organized the innovative camp where employees of Danish companies were invited, and students received tasks on development of cases for these companies. As a result, students of ETU showded very good results.

This year the number of guests from Denmark increased to 27 students and 7 teachers. Faculty of Humanities participated in development of the program together with Faculty of Economics and Management. Department of Foreign languages was the main platform of training, and the program subject was cross-cultural business communication. Together with students of ZIBAT 30 students of ETU from Faculty of economics and management and faculty of humanities were trained according to the program.

Two-week program included joint lectures, seminars and master classes. Many classes were given by Danish and Russian teachers together. Travel agency GlobalRussia actively participated in implementation of the project and gave students cases on development of tourist routes for foreigners across Russia. Within two weeks students worked on them in interuniversity groups and brilliantly defended the projects at examination.

"This time we tried to organize everything as it had been made in Denmark. We sated the program with various master classes, diversified lectures so that there were not only speaking teachers, but also the acting students. It is more interesting to students when they are interacted with and forced to think during educational process",

Vice-Dean of Faculty of Humanities, assistant manager on scientific work of Department of Foreign languages, one of the organizers of the program Olga M. Zhuravleva

According to the coordinator of the joint program Svetlana Drevskih (ZIBAT), unlike the program of last year that was focused on innovations, the present one was aimed at cross-cultural communication. This subject was chosen because cross-cultural communication make an important part of any business communication.

"We see that the program improves, and interaction with LETI becomes stronger. I consider this program to be unique because at Russian and Danish children not only have a lot of joint occupations at the university, but also spend time together in the evenings. By communication, they strengthen cross-cultural relations. Now we wait for LETI to come to ZIBAT",

Study coordinator Svetlana Drevskih (ZIBAT)

"It seems to me, that the main goal of our joint educational program is that we study from each other, we exchange the  experience with of colleagues, and it concerns both students and teachers. In my opinion, both programs – this one and the last one - were useful and interesting. We are already planning the third program and we discuss its subjects", 

Head of International Studies Michael Bager (ZIBAT)

Besides an educational part, students of the universities had also a very intensive cultural program. In the evenings students of ETU went out with the Danish friends, showed them the city and helped guests to feel the country and its culture better.

"I participate in this program for the second year. This year we had more communication and joint leisure. It is a good experience in professional sphere, moreover I managed to find many friends",

Konstantin Zyryanov, student of Faculty of Humanities

"This program not only helped us to deepen our knowledge, but also to expand the range of professional skills. Students of FEM got language practice and experience of cross-cultural communication, and students of Faculty of Humanities tried themselves in absolutely new sphere of business and market researches", 

Natalia Shabanova, student of Faculty of Humanities

"In LETI I met new people, struck up many new useful acquaintances, gained a lot of knowledge, increased the general level of professional and personal knowledge. I surely will come there again if there is such an opportunity",