LETI Will Supply Equipment for Diagnosing Grain Defects

LETI Will Supply Equipment for Diagnosing Grain Defects

According to an agreement with Euro Venture, a Russian venture fund, LETI will supply a batch of mobile units for express diagnostics of seeds for latent defects to seed production organizations in Russia.

20.01.2022 151

The contract for the production and supply of a prototype of such diagnostic equipment was signed by Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Research at LETI, and Roman Romaniuk, Director of the Euro Venture fund. In addition, the parties signed a five-year cooperation agreement.

"We successfully entered the "Priority 2030" program, receiving a grant for the development of industry leadership. In this track, the key focus is the introduction of innovations, that is, bridging the gap between developments and their promotion on the market. The agreement that we are signing today with the Euro Venture fund is one of the important steps to implement the principles of tech leadership and introduce our best products into the real sector of the economy."

Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Research at LETI

The agreement was signed for a five-year term with the possibility of extension. The document regulates the joint work of LETI and the Euro Venture fund in the implementation of technologies in various sectors of the economy. In particular, the project implies manufacturing a batch of X-ray units to detect latent defects in seeds, which will be supplied to seed production organizations and later to the relevant inspections in Russia. According to an additional agreement between LETI and Euro Venture, the fund will allocate 6 million rubles in the first round.

"We are entering into an agreement to finance and create a batch of seed radiography units. We have worked with LETI on a similar project before when we financed the first stage of development of a unit for intraoperative therapy of lung cancer. Now we want to scale up this partnership, so today, we signed a strategic agreement on cooperation, under which we will work with the university on advanced and in-demand innovations and prototypes through a system of contracts."

Roman Romaniuk, Director of the Euro Venture fund

A mobile unit for digital radiography of seeds was developed by scientists of ETU "LETI" and engineers of ELTECH-Med under the guidance of Nikolay Potrakhov, Head of the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices. Together with scientists of the Agrophysical Research Institute, they created a system of automated analysis of X-ray images of seeds. 

In 2021, a joint scientific team developed a Russian national standard on methods of digital radiography of seeds. The document came into force on January 1 and will oblige suppliers of seed products to check their seeds for latent defects.

Euro Venture fund was established in May 2017. The fund's investment priorities are innovative developments in electronics, new materials, and TechNet technologies, as well as projects in the creative industry.