LETI Online Courses Are the Best at EdCrunch Award

LETI Online Courses Are the Best at EdCrunch Award

Four online courses of ETU "LETI" are among the winners and runners-up of the International EdCrunch Award 2021.

12.01.2022 249

The EdCrunch Glocal conference on new technologies in education announced the results of its annual EdCrunch Award. St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" once again took an active part in the competition and won four awards in the main and special nominations.

For the first time, LETI won the main nomination of the contest - "The Best Online Course Posted on a Digital Platform." The experts praised the course "Analysis of Sociopolitical Discourse," created by Alexey Kolyanov, Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Political Science, and Nikolay Tokarev, Deputy Director of the Center for New Educational Technologies and Distance Learning.

The course introduces students to the modern understanding of discourse in the social sciences, the language of sociology and political science, and various types of discursive practices, from literary texts to film, advertising, and the Internet.

"In the social sciences, there are sets of words and rules that help to describe social reality. In addition, there are a large number of names and theories that hide behind whole teachings about how society works. To understand society, one needs to understand many ideas, theories, and laws. But even this will not be enough because it is necessary to grasp its specificity, flexibility, variability, and instability."

Alexey Kolyanov, Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology and Political Science

LETI took two prizes in the special nomination "Best Online Course in Engineering Education." The course "Components of Electronic Engineering" by Artem Gryaznov, Professor of the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices, was recognized as the best.

The course involves the study of the properties, technical characteristics, production, and operation of modern electronics elements - resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and switching elements.

This is the second EdCrunch Award for Professor Gryaznov. In 2019, the online course he created, "X-Ray Engineering," took third place in the "Best Course According to Consumers" nomination.

"The quality of the online courses nominated for the EdCrunch Award increases every year. The Center for New Educational Technologies and Distance Learning staff constantly monitors the latest trends in digital education. Also, an important element of success is the selection of teachers and their high degree of involvement in the process - they become part of a united team. We organize the process so that the courses we develop meet all the necessary requirements and are competitive."

Alexander Timofeev, Director of the Center for New Educational Technologies and Distance Learning at LETI

The second place in the nomination "Best Online Course in Engineering Education" went to the course "Development of Wearable Patient Devices for Remote Monitoring Systems," created by a team of authors from the Department of Bioengineering Systems, including associate professors Alexei Anisimov and Timofei Sergeev, and senior lecturer Yulia Bobrova.

The main goal of the course is to teach the theoretical and practical fundamentals of designing wearable patient devices for telemedicine diagnostic purposes. The course program goes through all stages of preliminary registration and transfer of information about the studied physiological process from the human body to the doctor.

In the special nomination "Learning a Foreign Language," the third place was taken by "Intensive Course of English grammar" developed by Olesya Bakhmet, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages. It presents a modern description of English grammar using Russian-language constructions, acting as verbal analogs of English phrases. The course pays particular attention to the need to recode the content of a statement from the native language to the foreign language in such a way that the result corresponds to the rules and norms of the English language.

"For two years now, we have been forced to spend a significant part of our classes alone with a webcam, so digital education has become a space for teaching. Freed from classroom work, you can come up with an interesting course scenario and a way to implement it - today, the variety of digital education tools allows you to transfer any discipline online. We firmly believe that every teacher can become a developer or co-developer of an online course. The main condition is desire. We are always waiting for young and distinguished teachers in a variety of fields. Every year, our center conducts advanced training for those who intend to create digital educational products."

Nikolay Tokarev, Deputy Director of the Center for New Educational Technologies and Distance Learning

The EdCrunch Award competition identifies best practices for creating massive open online courses, selects the best courses from a consumer perspective and the perspective of engaged experts, and highlights modern, innovative educational technologies, creative teachers, and entrepreneurs.