LETI International Students Celebrated Cosmonautics Day

LETI International Students Celebrated Cosmonautics Day

The theme of space brought international students together at an informative meeting at LETI.


On April 12, international students met to celebrate Cosmonautics Day and the International Day of Human Space Flight. The event was organized by "Way of Life," a group of students from Vietnam, and the International Students Office of LETI. Students from Vietnam, China, Africa, Latin America, and Arab countries listened to presentations about space and its exploration and took part in fun quizzes, games, and prizes.

"Why is the sky dark at night?", "What happens if the moon disappears?" – students from Vietnam answered these questions in detail and told about the first astronaut from their country. Other participants prepared speeches about the first human spaceflight, the first Earth satellite, and explained to the audience how the planets of the solar system got their names.

"The first space flight is a very significant thing for the whole world, which is important for our international students to know. Since they are studying at a Russian university, it is important for us to tell them that the first cosmonaut was from Russia, and the first satellite was also launched by the Soviet Union to broaden their cultural background. In addition, such meetings help them better integrate into the university atmosphere," said Anna Bubnova and Ekaterina Skolysheva, employees of the Preparatory Department at LETI

After the presentations, a quiz was held, resulting in four lucky winners of tickets to the SpringETU party for students.

The students also had to answer in teams the question, "What one item would you take with you into space?" They did not take much time, and after a short discussion, all the teams were able to make a choice.

Meeting participants said that they liked the informal style of the event and the prepared activities.

"I really liked the atmosphere of the meeting; everything was very interesting and fun. It is important for everyone to know about the Cosmonautics Day, so I was glad to be here. And, of course, such meetings help to better adapt to student life, help to get acquainted with many interesting people and understand them better."

Pham Anh Tu, a first-year student of the Faculty of Radio Engineering at LETI

Celebrating Cosmonautics Day is part of the adaptation program conducted by the International Students Office of LETI. International students of the university make friends and learn more about other cultures and life in Russia by celebrating major international and local holidays together. Office staff help students discover their talents at city competitions and find the right professional path at career guidance meetings.