LETI Graduate Ibrahim Yaser Burudji: "Giving Up Is Not My Style"

LETI Graduate Ibrahim Yaser Burudji:

Yaser Buruji Ibrahim, the best graduate of the bachelor's program of the Faculty of Radio Engineering of LETI in 2022, told about the adaptation in Russia, which exam was the most difficult, and about his new sphere of scientific interests.

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Ibrahim Yaser Burudji was the best undergraduate student in the Department of Radio Engineering in 2022. Ibrahim's degree is in "Design and Technology of Electronic Facilities."

While studying at the university, he won the Open Doors Olympiad and the bronze medal in the LETI football league. He also participated in the university's international student activists and the "The Palette of Languages and Cultures" forum.

We talked to Yaser about his favorite places at LETI, his first scientific studies, and his plans.


– Do you remember your first impression of the university? How did you get to know the university during your first year? What is your favorite place in the university?

– I saw a large antique clock in Building 1 as soon as I entered LETI. It was beautiful.

I arrived at the preparatory department very late due to financial problems in Nigeria. Of course, this was not the ideal way to start my academic retraining in Russia; I had no summer break and ended up having a busy first semester. But my second semester was much better because I was already used to university life.

One of my favorite places is classroom 5471, which is beautiful, equipped with modern computers, and most importantly, has a beautiful view from the windows.

– Which courses were the most challenging, and which were the most interesting and rewarding?

– Mathematical analysis in the third semester was the most difficult subject. Math is my favorite subject, but I had a hard time taking the exam that semester. It was only the fourth try when I passed it with a "4". Giving up is not my style.

Another interesting subject is microwave engineering. During the course, I learned a lot of new things, and I wanted to deepen my knowledge in this field of engineering.

– Which of the faculty of the university had the greatest influence on you/whom would you like to thank?

– In particular, I would like to thank Galina Petrova, the supervisor of my group, Associate Professor of the Department of Microelectronics and Radio Engineering, for her kindness and readiness to help the students at any time. She also taught us the course "Technology of production of electronic facilities," in which I learned a lot about the design of technical documents.

– What was your first scientific lesson at LETI? How did you become interested in scientific discovery?

– My first talk was on fractals and their application to various aspects of science. It was great to learn that what we sometimes think of as chaos is, upon examination, full of beauty and meaning. Fractals are not only all around us, but even inside us, which is cool!

– What do you consider to be your greatest achievement during your years at LETI?

– I consider my most important achievement to be graduating with a red diploma.

– Why did you choose to study in this particular field? What is your vision of your future career path? Will it be related to what you are doing?

– To be honest, I wanted to study electrical engineering and electronics, although I ended up going in a completely different direction. I liked the programming courses at LETI so much that I even wrote a computer program for my thesis. Now I want to continue my education in computer science and engineering – it is a good combination of what I studied and what I want to do in the future.