LETI Entered the Top 15 Russian Universities in IT Education

LETI Entered the Top 15 Russian Universities in IT Education

ETU "LETI" took 11th place in the ranking of 50 Russian universities for IT training according to RUSSOFT, the most influential association of software development companies in Russia.

14.01.2022 264

RUSSOFT, a non-commercial partnership of software developers, has published a ranking of universities that train software engineering specialists. The research was prepared based on a survey of managers of 162 Russian software companies.

Respondents assessed the quality of training for programmers, naming universities, graduates of which are in greatest demand among IT companies in their region.

According to the survey, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" took eleventh place in the ranking.

"We involve students in project activities since early stages. Thanks to this, by the time they enter the labor market, they know how to work in a team and understand what deadlines and responsibilities are. The high quality of IT training at LETI has been confirmed many times over by the fact that students and graduates are successfully employed and prove their professionalism to employers."

Ivan Kholod, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technologies at LETI

LETI trains IT specialists at the Faculty of Computer Science and Technologies. The most popular programs are Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Computer Security. In 2021, 576 people graduated from the faculty. 

For many years, the faculty has been cooperating with IT companies Luxoft, EPAM, JetBrains, Sigma, Concern Okeanpribor, Elektropribor Concern, and other organizations to organize internships for students and employment of graduates.

"The level of IT education at the Faculty of Computer Science and Technologies of LETI makes it possible to accept students for internships or jobs starting from the third year. During a short training course, they get acquainted with the systems and technologies that are used in day-to-day activities; then, they start working on projects. There is a good success story: in the spring of 2020, a LETI student came to our company for an internship after his third year and became the technical leader of the team within a year. This is a very talented person with a high level of competence," says Alexander Eroshkin, Head of Talent Management and Innovation at Sigma.

In total, respondents mentioned 113 universities from 35 regions of Russia, 6 universities from the Republic of Belarus, 5 Russian colleges, and one center for further education. The leader is Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

The ranking of Russian universities that train specialists for the software industry has been compiled by RUSSOFT annually since 2014.