LETI choir is a double winner of Estonian festival

LETI choir is a double winner of Estonian festival

LETI choir participated in festival in Tallin on 26-28 September where it became the winner in two nominations.

07.10.2014 520

LETI choir trip to Tallinn has been planned since spring of 2014. For many students it was the first competitive long-awaited leaving abroad. Program of the visit was so rich and interesting that it seemed for many choristers that three days were not enough for both singing and seeing the city.

Choir arrived at Tallinn and immediately after check in in the hotel went for a walk in the back streets of medieval old town Vana Tallinn.

The next day was a busy one: we had competitive performance in the Methodist Church in the center of Tallinn. With break of 10 minutes Choir performed in 2 categories: contests of spiritual and folk music. It's safe to say that the halls where we had a chance to perform at this time in Estonia had really stunning acoustics.

According to old tradition to celebrate a successful competitive performance, we all agreed to meet at a nearby cafe in Old Town Square. There lovely dinner was waiting for us, as well as songs, speeches and even tavern fights (fortunately, staged by the staff). Singing songs without the competitive excitement and spiritual atmosphere of a medieval tavern made our evening perfect.

On the third day two performances were waiting for us. Recital of the choir took place in old medieval church of St. Michael of XIV century in Keila (suburb of Tallinn). The program consisted of sacred and folk music, audience took our choir in a very kind and warm way despite cold medieval church walls. And right after it we visited gala concert of participants of the festival that took place on the one of the best areas of Tallinn - the concert hall "Estonia". LETI choir performed in the second part of the concert with three works. At the end of the concert everyone was looking forward to announcement of the competition results. LETI choir was awarded two first prizes in both categories which was the perfect end to short but very productive trip!