"LETI" at the Festival of Russian language and culture

From October 26 to October 30 Festival of Russian language and culture took place in partner university of "LETI" Xuzhou Institute of Technology (China).

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From October 26 to October 30 Festival of Russian language and culture took place in partner university of "LETI" Xuzhou Institute of Technology (China) and was devoted to cooperation of universities. 

Members of delegation of "LETI" were Rector of the university Vladimir M. Kutuzov, Dean of Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering Yury V. Sentyabrev, Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Chairman Elena B. Solovyova, Head of Creative center Natalia S. Loktionova and two students of LETI Margarita Dyomina (FEA) and Ivan Bobrov (FKTI).

Natalia S. Loktionova told the employee of Department of Public Relations Aleksandra Fedyaeva about the event in details.

"The festival opened with a big gala concert which was attended by vice-mayor of Xuzhou Li Yan, Rector of the institure Zhang Sinke, representatives of international services of the institute, Rector of "LETI" V. M. Kutuzov and Dean of FEA Y. V. Sentyabrev .

At the opening ceremony of the Festival of Russian language and culture Rector of "LETI" V. M. Kutuzov was handed a rank of honourable professor of Xuzhou Institute of Technology.

At the concert Chinese students sang songs and romances in Russian. Most of all we were touched by the song "Farewell Favourite City" which children sang, wearing T-shirts with inscription "I love Russia". Our Creative center prepared three items for the concert: Russian waltz performed by students of "LETI" Margarita Dyomina and Ivan Bobrov, lyrical song "In a chamber" and stylized Russian national song "Shadow - shadow" which I sang together with dancing accompaniment of "LETI" students, and at the end of the song we brought Chinese students to a scene and made a big round dance.

In the program at XTI there also was a solemn lunch with students and teachers of Department of Russian language, an excursion to laboratories of the institute and a visit to the huge three-storey library.

Within the visit Vladimir M. Kutuzov gave lecture for Chinese students on topic of "The main trends of development of higher education. The world – Russia - "LETI". Lecture was very useful and informative and helped Chinese colleagues to gain an impression about higher education in Russia.

After lecture the official meeting with students where the Rector of our university told them about training opportunities in "LETI" and about the university itself.

Besides the official meeting with students there also was the informal meeting where Russian students met with Chinese on Department of Russian language. It was held in more informal situation: LETI students  told about our university, showed movies and videos about life of Chinese students in "LETI". After the meeting we organized a master class for the Chinese students: they were to paint nested dolls which we brought with ourselves. By the way, they coped with this task perfectly as since the childhood Chinese pupils learn to write hieroglyphs. Then we visited an open lesson of physical culture, and then students cooked Chinese and Russian meat pockets all together which they ate then.

Also in XTI the exhibition devoted to the Russian culture was organized. On it stands there were reproductions of Russian artists, books of Solzhenitsyn and Pushkin in Chinese and even biography of Russian president Vladimir Putin was presented.

Besides official actions within a festival we visited a sightseeing tour around the city of Xuzhou and the province of Qufu – the city of the great Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius.

Our impressions of a trip are absolutely positive. We were pleased very much by warm welcome fo Chinese university. There were welcome extensions, Russian flags, photos with Russian students and running line "Friendship of two universities" all over the university. We felt at once as though we were at home".

We will remind that the cooperation agreement between "LETI" and Xuzhou Institute of Technology was signed in March, 2011 for the purpose of realization of the joint educational program providing an exchange of educational resources, curricula, techniques of teaching and the maintenance of courses, and also training of students. Since September 1, 2012 on Department of Automatic Control Systems of Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering students from XTU are trained. During 2015 universities held some meetings with the purpose of discussion of expansion of cooperation not only in educational, but also in scientific sphere. As the result of negotiations they signed an agreement in which further actions for implementation of the program of training of bachelors in the Mechatronics direction are reflected, and also signed the Memorandum of development of scientific cooperation within which carrying out researches in the field of control systems for such branches as aircraft, medicine, agriculture, the mining industry is supposed.

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