Our university participated in the 11th international exhibition of knowledge and education "STUDIJOS 2013" held on 7-9 February, 2013 at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre Litexpo.


XI International Exhibition of knowledge and education ”STUDIJOS 2013” was held in the beginning of February at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre LITEXPO. It was attended by the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”. Although it was the first time for our university to participate in this event, now we can say it is truly a breakthrough for LETI on the market of educational services in Lithuania. 

This was facilitated not only by the various supervisors of this exhibition, but also with a lot of support from the Russian Embassy in Lithuania, and most importantly - the ones who actively participated in making it, representatives of educational institutions of the country. Victor A. Tupik, the head of our delegation at the exhibition, pro-chancellor for International Work, said: ”The basis of success is the highest authority of the university and the quality of education the university provides”.

The current exhibition is much different from the previous ones, as the area of the exhibition is increased by one third, and most importantly is the increase of its members to 190. This is not only a quantitative but also a qualitative leap. Previously only one room was used, but this time they were three; one of them was entirely devoted to studying abroad. Here stands presented about forty educational institutions in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, Denmark, and six universities were presented in the Russian sector.

As Victor A. Tupik said: “The interest in education in Russia for Lithuanian youth has increased considerably. Boys and girls, their parents, and employees of educational institutions came to our booth and talked with representatives of the university. And these conversations were not abstract, but concrete, and purposeful. Young people interested in the requirements for applicants, specific jobs and areas of training, the possibility of accommodation in hostels, and many other areas of interest to those who intend to study in LETI. I have interviewed about 30 applicants and I am sure that many of them will be our applicants”.

The time has come, and in this Baltic republic, many have realized that it is possible to get quality education not only in the EU but also in the leading universities of Russia. This, in particular, says the chairman of the Association of Teachers of Russian schools in Lithuania Ella Kahn. The fact that Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union plays a role and millions of “threads” that link the people of the great country, were not torn. Today, in this country, there are a lot of Russian-speaking citizens, and many Lithuanians speak Russian. And this is a big advantage to be considered when choosing a university for training. In addition, some residents of the Republic have the opportunity to get the status of nationals in Russia, which allows them to study free of charge.

There is another important aspect which increases the interest in Russia. In many EU countries the economic crisis continued for a considerably period of time, which makes the working population, especially youth, seek work abroad, Lithuania is not an exception; getting the same education at a prestigious Russian university, and the possibility of further employment in our city is considered a very attractive prospect. 13 representatives of the republic have already taken advantage of this opportunity and today are students or postgraduates LETI.

All of this is very well understood by the government of Lithuania, so they are considering strengthening the information resources of Russian universities in Lithuania. Vitalius Besakirskas (Mayor advisor of Vilnius) said that in the near future in Lithuania an information center will be opened, where comprehensive, and promptly updated information about educational opportunities in Russia will be focused; our embassy has also confirmed its intention to actively support the work of the future center.


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