LETI - a social partner of the Leningrad region: results of 2016-2017 academic year

LETI - a social partner of the Leningrad region: results of 2016-2017 academic year

On August 22, the Pedagogical Council of the Leningrad Region and timed to it exhibition "Innovations and Successful Solutions in the Education System in the Leningrad Region - 2017" were held on the exhibition grounds of the Congress and Exhibition Center EXPOFORUM.

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Participants of the event were teachers and school principals from all municipal districts of the region. Among the St. Petersburg universities - social partners of the Government of the Leningrad region – ETU "LETI" took part in the regional meeting of teachers.

The exhibition was opened by Nikolay P. Emelianov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region on Social Issues. In a welcoming speech, he noted the importance of the achievements of the Leningrad region in the field of education, and thanked the universities-partners of the region that are introducing innovations and new technologies into the system of additional education for schoolchildren.

The program of the event was continued by the plenary session, at which Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Y. Drozdenko spoke. The head of the region noted the growth of the quality of education in the Leningrad Region from year to year. The issues of the quality of education and its impact on the success of the individual have become the title topic of the day.

ETU "LETI" presented at the exhibition the results of implementation of joint projects aimed at increasing the innovative level of general education in the Leningrad region. This project is "Entrant of the Leningrad region - a student of LETI" allows to include schoolchildren of the main and senior stages in practical project activities both on the basis of schools and on the basis of the university; "Engineering classes LETI" on the basis of 10 classes of secondary schools № 7 and № 37 in Vyborg; Technopark School on the basis of the CO "Kudrovo" and other formats of cooperation.

A.Drozdenko drew special attention to the project of the pupil of the Technopark School - the "Smart House" system, developed under the guidance of the technician programmer of the Competence Center PTC (Parametric Technology Company), the WorldSkills Russia 2017 champion and the ETU LETI master student Karina Petrova.

Teachers and students of LETI conducted master classes for participants of the exhibition, as well as presented a draft of an intellectual game among school children of the Leningrad region "PoLETeli with Us". At the LETI stand visitors could "move" to the high-tech laboratory of the university: to get acquainted with the work of the 3D screen, see a dancing robot with a vision system and an unmanned vehicle - a car capable of autonomously moving in the city, distinguishing markings, traffic signs and traffic lights.

Successfully implementing joint projects and solving priority tasks in the interests of the education system of the Leningrad Region, LETI is building a succession scheme: the school - the institution of vocational education - the enterprise. With the participation of ETU "LETI" new forms and technologies of interaction with school children are enrooted, which introduce them to the process of practical acquaintance with engineering professions in the context of integration of education, science and industry in the face of employers - strategic partners of the university. The result of work on the early engineering profiling of school students was the growing interest in the university. The number of school leavers in the Leningrad region entering the LETI is increasing every year. Entrants of the university in 2017 were 419 graduates of schools in the region, of which 124 were enrolled in the number of students. These are the most prepared trainees who made an informed choice of their future professional path, with an average Unified State Exam score of 75.14.