Internships in Finland for LETI Students

Internships in Finland for LETI Students

LETI's academic partner, Aalto University, offers summer paid research internships for bachelor's and master's students.

14.01.2022 332

LETI students have the opportunity to take part in paid research internships at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland). There are 54 positions across the fields of science and engineering. The salary is 1,800 euros per month.

In the list of projects, it is noted which are suitable for bachelor's and/or master's students. Note that in the Finnish (European) system the bachelor's degree takes three years and the master's takes two years. So if you are a 4th-year bachelor's student, you can apply for any of the projects.

Applications are accepted until January 31, 2022. All applicants will be informed of the decision by approximately the end of February 2022.

Internship information and applications