Intellectual games at ETU “LETI”

Intellectual games at ETU “LETI”

More than 300 participants from Russia, Estonia, Finland, Belarus and Holland came to the university for “Spring at ETU – 2018” international festival.

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“Spring at ETU – 2018” is a 16th international festival of intellectual games that was conducted at ETU “LETI” from 10 till 11 of March, 2018. More than 300 people from 52 Russian, Estonian, Finnish, Belarussian and Dutch teams participated in the competition.

This year the theme of the festival was 2018 FIFA World Cup. The competition was conducted at the university but participants mentally transported themselves to a football field for the day. Only teams were not cheered for by screaming football fans but by lovers of intellectual games.

“To answer tricky questions you need to have a versatile mind and possess extensive knowledge. It is very nice that there are people at ETU who go through the hardship of organizing the festival and pass on this beautiful tradition”.

Yurii V. Filatov, Vice-Rector for Administration

Participants noted that the event was well-organized and that theme of the festival is changed every year.

“I like it that the entourage changes every year. We had military, medicine- themed events in the past. The festival is an integral part of student life of the university, one of the annual spring events of LETI”.

Yurii S. Filipov, player of “What? Where? When?" intellectual game show

One of the smartest people in Russia – Alexander A. Drouz, winner of “What? Where? When?” talked about erudition.

“Those people who want to find answers will find them by any means necessary. The main requirement in our game is not knowledge but intelligence. Erudition – is a complimentary tool that can make people’s life easier”.

Alexander A. Drouz, Magister of “What? Where? When?”

For your reference

“What? Where? When?” is an intellectual game show well known in Russian-language media. It also exists a as a competitive sport played by over 21,000 teams worldwide. Throughout the game six experts need to answer tricky questions sent by viewers. If they cannot do so60 seconds, the viewer wins money.