On January 21-22, 2016 the XIII International scientific conference “Information-Communication-Society” took place at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical university "LETI".

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On January 21-22, 2016 the XIII International scientific conference “Information-Communication-Society” took place at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical university "LETI". The topic of the conference was "Knowledge during information era".

The first day of the conference started with the plenary session opened by speech of Vice-Rector for Research of  "LETI" Mikhail Y. Shestopalov: "In my opinion, in the light of the events which took place in the last year, the humanitarian component becomes more and more important in the modern world. At our conference we will discuss the questions concerning information and communications to develop recommendations which will allow our society to develop correctly".

The following reports were submitted to attention of the listeners:

• "A role of political and sociological knowledge in studying of a human factor in policy". Vladimir P. Miletsky, Doctor of Sociological sciences, Professor of Faculty of Sociology of St.Petersburg State University.

• "Enterprise and business in coordinates of values and knowledge (On the basis of empirical research of youth business)". Pavel P. Deryugin, Doctor of Sociological sciences, professor of department of applied and branch sociology of St.Petersburg State University

• "Cognitive linguistics and problem of knowledge". Andrey A. Shumkov, Doctor of Philology, associate professor, head of the department of foreign languages СПбГЭТУ of "LETI"

• "Speech deviance in the sphere of network communications: social and technology factors". Alexey A. Goryachev, Ph. D. in Philology, senior teacher of Department of Public Relations of "LETI", St. Petersburg State University


Further work was conducted on sections in the following directions:

• Evolution of knowledge: from the text to databases;

• Historical knowledge during information era;

• Communications during online era;

• Cognitive linguistics and problem of knowledge;

• Information technologies and Russian literary language.


On January International scientific conference "Eighth St. Petersburg Sociological Readings Knowledge Sociology" was held within “Information-Communication-Society” conference.

Plenary session was opened by speech of Dean of Faculty of Humanities Nina K. Gigauri: In our university much attention was always paid to humanitarian training of students of technical specialties. For representatives of LETI and for guests the questions discussed at the conference "Information. Communication. Societies" are interesting and relevant. For several years we interacted with a number of teachers of St. Petersburg State University. This year we united with Faculty of Sociology that led to VIII St. Petersburg Sociological Readings at LETI. I hope that in the future interaction of LETI with our colleagues will become stronger.”

Reports were made by:

• Vladimir Y. Fetisov, Doctor of Philosophy, professor of St. Petersburg State University. "Sociology: evolution from a descriptivity to social functions".

• Victoria I. Dudina, Ph. D. of Sociological sciences, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University. "Sociological knowledge during an era of "big data".

• Vadim E. Semenkov, Ph. D.  of Philosophical sciences, associate professor of St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social work. "Social functions of philosophical knowledge".

• Vlastimil Cherni,  Ph. D, Czech University of Natural Sciences, Prague (CULS Prague). "Experience of introduction of Bologna system in the Czech university of natural sciences in Prague".

• Vyacheslav V. Shcherbina, Doctor of Sociological sciences, professor of Institute of Sociology of RAN, Moscow. "Current state of social sciences and problem of the higher education".


Further work of the conference was held on the following sections:

• "Production of sociological knowledge in conditions of information era";

• "Sociology of knowledge, science and technologies: modern features, opportunities and restrictions";

• "Researches of young scientists".

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